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Why has this not been fixed [RESOLVED]

Discussion in 'Drugwars Discussion' started by Noxtol, Feb 19, 2019.

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  1. Noxtol


    Hello. My name is Noxtol and i have been on neme for around 2.5 years now, you may know me from Drugwars, Skyblock, Factions. 3 WEEKS ago today i bought /smelt on drugwars, this was $12 and i was excited about the purchase. When it said i got it in chat, it did not work. I understood it didnt work, it was the first day after the reset and things happen, i reported the issue to staff and waited. 1 WEEK from the purchase i made a support on the website, i was told they were working on the issue and would have it resolved soon. i was a bit annoyed now, but still not bad. 2 WEEKS From when i purchased this i made another forum, this time no one even responded to it, this made me angry now, i would never have bought and payed to donate for this server if i was not going to get what i payed for, and be blown off when i tried to deal with it. TODAY Today has now been 3 WEEKS Since i bought smelt it STILL Does not work!!!! What has gone on to let people wait this long for what they pay for!!! Atleast give them something for their waiting, or refund them their money. I was essentially scammed by the server. You dont buy a new ps4 to not be able to play on it for 3 WEEKS. I have never complained or had issues on this server before. this is outragous that this happened to me and maybe now someone can handle this and help me get what i deserve.
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  2. BlackPointStar


    3 weeks is a bit insane for a paid command
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  3. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager

    We understand why you are annoyed, I apologise that you have waited this long but we are looking into it.
  4. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager

    This has been resolved
  5. Pibble6


    I know it has been resolved and I understand your anger but to be honest its kind of uncalled for in many cases its a new command with different risks.
  6. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    /smelt is not new

    as branny said, resolved

    lock it up boys
  7. Pibble6


    ohh sorry must have misunderstood i dont remember it in the shop in prior resets!
  8. Grimlkin


    thread locked
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