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what happened to neme?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous


    This use to have 800-1000 players online what happened
  2. CiaoMein


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  3. Shellshocker


    1. op fractions refuses to be brought back online
    2. shitty and strict staff (not all of them all like this)
    3. kitpvp refuses to be reset (this is both the staff and players fault)
    4. all attention goes to skyblock and nothing else
    I played this server for around 3 years and left it 1 month ago because its just not fun anymore
    this server wont last another 6 months unless if change happens
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  4. DrPump


    I would like to speak on behalf of the staff team here. Just note this thread will be locked to avoid toxicity to others and the server.
    1) Staff have NOT forgotten about Factions and do plan to bring it back.
    2) Our staff try to be friendly and has helpful as we can, if you do not like the way a staff is acting please make a staff report so that can be taken care of.
    3) Staff have NOT forgotten about KitPvP and do plan to reset it.
    4) As Skyblock is the biggest server on Neme, a lot of attention has to be focused on it to keep the majority of our players involved. But don't worry, we have other people that work on the other servers. A lot we just can't say yet.

    I hope to see you get back into the server soon, I apologize for the way you see things but I guarantee if you keep watching you will see the changes you want to see.
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