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Valentine's Sale & More

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Feb 14, 2019.

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    Various bundles, discounts, emotes, tags and much more available
    Up to 85% off
    Sale & deals will run from now through Monday, February 18th
    There are two main bundles that are being run on all servers -- the Love Bundle and the Passion Pack. Prices may vary across each of our stores:


    Love Bundle: $9.98
    Passion Pack: $24.98
    OP Factions
    Love Bundle: $9.98
    Passion Pack: $29.98
    Love Bundle: $9.98
    Passion Pack: $29.98
    Skyblock Ultra
    Love Bundle: $9.98
    Passion Pack: $29.98

    Valentine's Seasonal Crate: $14.98
    February 2019 + Valentine's Seasonal Crate Combo (25% off): $44.97
    Love Bundle: $9.98
    Passion Pack: $29.98
    On top of the new bundles, a wide array of Valentine's-theme emotes have been added to all servers. You can unlock these via the Valentine's Crate -- more on that later.

    Here are the new emotes, crafted by our very own @S4RG3:

    • /blowkiss [player]
    • /kiss [player]
    • /valentine [player]
    • /chocolates [player]
    • /flowers [player]
    • /falling [player]
    • /heartbeat [player]
    • /cupid [player]
    • /lovesick [player]
    • /secretadmirer [player]
    • /smitten [player]
    • /sweetheart [player]
    • /happyvday [player]
    • /uwu [player] (Valentine's Seasonal Crate only)
    Right now, everybody has access to the /valentine emote for a limited time until the sale finishes. After that, only those that unlocked it via bundles will retain it permanently.
    As mentioned above, we have a new, temporary crate on all servers. This crate will allow you to unlock the emotes above as well a a wide variety of exclusive tags. The Valentine's Crate key can be obtained by purchasing any Valentine's packages (Love Bundle, Passion Pack, Valentine's Seasonal Crate). When receiving the tags and emotes, you'll receive a redeemable item for it, meaning you can trade them either if you already have the tag/emote, or you want to give it to someone else*.

    * except Survival and OP Factions

    There is no limit to how many of these keys you can get providing you don't hit any other internal limit (daily spending limit etc).
    Don't fancy getting the bundles but still want something out of it? For the duration of the sale, for any purchase you make on our stores, you'll receive a special tag on the respective server's store. Here's what the tag looks like:

    All the bundles and packages mentioned above are now also available through the IRL Trade system, which was also made available again very recently. If you don't know what this is, the IRL Trading is a custom system made for NemeGaming that allows you to trade in-game money and items from one person in exchange for them buying you any package you desire from our store. This cuts out the need for a middleman as the "middleman" is the server, ultimately removing the risk of being scammed. Interested in knowing more about this system? Check out our in-depth guide of the system here!

    Interested in grabbing any of the limited-time bundles, or even looking to get a good deal?
    Head over to our store at

    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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    Amazing bundles at the "Love"ly time xD
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    I love you.

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