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Useful Commands For New Players!

Discussion in 'New Player Help' started by j_man1997, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. j_man1997

    j_man1997 Staff Member Manager

    Welcome new players!

    This is a small guide to help you get started and going on NemeGaming, so let's get to it!
    These are nowhere near all the commands in the servers, but these below are the most used and asked ones.

    Server-wide commands (any server)
    /rules (1 through 5) Shows the general or specific rules of the servers, be sure to follow them!
    /spawn Takes you to the spawn of the server you're connected to.

    /points (player)
    Shows the points of any player, including yourself.
    /sendpoints (player) (amount) Sends a selected amount of points to a player, be warned this includes a small tax on any transaction!
    /vote Takes you to three vote links that give you free items and points, serverwide!
    /ignore (player) Completely ignores a player from all servers, including Private Messages.
    /bandata player (player) Gives the recorded punishments of a player
    /help Works on most servers! Displays commands for the specific server you are connected to.
    /list Lists all players online on the server you are connected to.
    /realname (player) Shows the In Game Name of the player requested.
    /tpa (player) (accept, deny) Sends, accepts or denies a teleport to another player.
    /msg Sends a private message to a player, all server rules still apply in /msg!
    /r Use this to quickly respond to a private message.
    /rankup Upgrades you to the next rank on a given server, does not work on Kits.
    /me (message) Sends a colorful message to the whole server.
    /playtime(player) (top) Shows the playtime on the server you are connected to of the selected player.
    /gplaytime(player) (top) Shows the playtime of a player selected on all servers.
    /ah Use this to look at what items players are selling or to sell items to players.

    OpPrison commands
    /back Teleports you to your last location, even after death.
    /balance (player) Shows your current balance of in game money, or that of another player
    /balancetop (number) Shows the top balances in the server, all the way to the last player.
    /clearinventory A useful command to clear your inventory of all items, including armor being worn.
    /pay (player) (amount) Sends a player a specified amount of in game money.
    /kit Shows your available Kits on the server you are connected to.
    /sethome (name) Sets a home to your current location
    /delhome (name) Deletes a selected home
    /rankup Use this to rankup which unlocks better mines
    /rankupall Use this to rankup as much as you can to Z with the money you have.
    /plot auto creates you your own plot, where you can build as much as you want, and you can also store items there Ect.
    /plots Gives you a lot of useful commands to use on your plot.
    /mine Takes you to your highest rank mine.
    /sorry This allows you to skip 4 prestige however, you can only use this once per reset.

    Skyblock commands
    /afk Sends a chat message saying you're away-from-keyboard, it toggles on and off
    /compass Shows your current co-ordinates
    /worth Gives the value of the item in your hand.
    /is worth Gives the island value in of the item in your hand
    /warp tutorial Takes you to a tutorial which shows you useful things.
    /is go Takes you to your own island.

    KitPvP commands
    /kits Shows all the kits on the server.
    /(kitname) Use this command like: /fighter, or /archer, to select a kit through commands.
    /suicide Kills your player and takes you back to spawn.

    Well that's all for the main commands! Thanks so much for reading, let me know if I missed anything, and feedback is always welcome :D
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  2. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    ^ just to note, this is my post xD
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  3. Barking


    Yeah Yeah Connor XD

    Here are some OpPrison commands :

    /rankupn :ranks you up with no cooldown instead of waiting for 2 seconds (although don't spam this, as you could get muted)
    /rankupall :ranks you up as much as you possibly can with the money that you have. This is very helpful when you have a lot of money and makes quick work of ranking up.
    /plotme auto (/plot auto): creates you your own plot, where you can build as much as you want, and you can also store items there Ect.
    /plots : gives you a lot of useful commands to use on your plot.
    /mine : Takes you to your highest rank mine.
    /sorry : Even though it is sort of a secret, it prestiges you 4 times.
    /workbench : automatically brings up a crafting bench. Useful for crafting on the go :D

    If i think of any more, i'll edit this post and for the other parts of the servers i'll make a new post :D


    ~Bork Bork
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  4. HaleYaGaming


    These should be very helpful, thanks.
  5. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    Hello! I really enjoy the time and effort that you put in to making this thread, but do you mind adding one thing under the OP-Prison section? The /setname command. It lets you set a name of the specific item you're holding in your hand. Seems useful I guess... I couldn't figure it out.
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  6. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    /rename is the command you're thinking of.
  7. HaleYaGaming


    I need help with the /ss change command on skyblock. I can't get my spawners to change to Iron Golems it says creature not recognized. I have changed my spawners from pig to cow though. I have tried /ss change Iron Golem and it dont work. Please Help!
  8. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    Sorry, Iron Golem spawners aren't allowed!
  9. Barking


    You beat me to answering that by 1 whole minute xD
  10. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    Yes, that command. Same thing though :DD
  11. adolys


    the /lottery command doesn't work on OPPrison and do you know how to find the id's of the items? because i want to make a chest shop but i don't know the id's of the starter tools >.<
  12. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    You can always google them or do /itemdb
  13. adolys



    edit: /itemdb doesn't work and when i look up on google and do it, it just says 'air' on my chest
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  14. DMW


    Yeh google or /iteminfo i find easiest
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  15. x_Nebula


    Forgot most important! /find staff !
  16. DMW


    Probably should have included /rankupall the amount of kids who do /rankup not /rankupall.....
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  17. ShadeShock


    Great post! Should greatly help new members on the server.
  18. PandaDePanda


    This is the most helpful thread that I have seen ,although why is survival not included?
  19. DrPump


    I'm pretty sure Survival was not out when this thread was made as it is from 2017. But I could be wrong.
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  20. PandaDePanda


    Even if you're not sure I'll be keeping that in mind

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