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This is too much!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by ITzWWE, Jun 6, 2018.

Do the server need's to add a rule that mutes players that talks about jewish?

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  1. ITzWWE


    ok, I'm ITzDeadBush (known as my nickname "TheDeadBushHeads") and I'm playing on nemesis gaming's skyblock, when i play i see some players that wants something, and when someone says no, they call him a jew, its too much, in a Jewish and I cant see them talking about the WWII and saying that killing Jewish people was good, saying that all the Jewish people need to die... I just cant, I tell them to stop and they just ignoring me or talking about me.

    here are some examples:

    Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_9.png

    Please do something, Thanks!
  2. Anti


    I'll forward this to the staff team, also in the future please fill out a player report form.

    Also racism goes falls into toxicity so I do not feel the need of a new rule
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  3. ITzWWE


    ummmmm, it was to add the new rule... not to report, the pictures were from today, i used them to show that they realy talking about that...
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  4. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    What this player said can be considered as racism (anthisemitism) so it might result in a mute. I will go through his chat logs to see if its worth a mute.
  5. StirlingFlurr


    Yeah, kinda shitty that people do this, I'd like to see that result in a mute. Sorry DeadBush.
  6. failqre


    i feel like this could definitely be considered racism, but it always depends on the context, like any rule 2c punishment
  7. Gamengday

    Gamengday Staff Member Jr. Mod

  8. PlasmaMcNuggets


    Just saying I agree with you
    But you saying to punish anyone who says the word Jew
    Your giving the word power
    Also only mute people who use iron a offensive way
    Not like the if I say the word jew I get muted for a year
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  9. xxx


    Maybe you should just not tell people your religion on Minecraft?
  10. StirlingFlurr


    He didn't, the problem is that people just call others Jews as insults.
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  11. TC_GoldRush


    Dude, that kid was joking, dont be a Jew!
    That was a joke, that player needs to be reported and muted.
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  12. Superdumpling


    Its rude to use the word jew as an insult
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