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This glitch must be patched somehow

Discussion in 'Drugwars Discussion' started by stroganoff, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. stroganoff


    Hello i am active on the drugwars server in nemegaming and the idea is to plant drugs and sell them for money make a faction and get big on the server thats all cool and good idea and works great but there is a glitch if you float with /fly outside the faction base wall and set a home its so called (unsafe home) and teleports you trough the wall my base got raided with creeper eggs and i did have so called glitch walls in my base a empty wall between that when you tp trough the first wall the second wall space is safe also the floor and roof is so called glitch proofed and still they got inside no walls destroyed just the inside has been destroyed there is a option to patch it and that is if you guys make it so that you have to stand on a block to set a home please fix this because there is no point on making a base because people just get in like its nothing

    Kind regards: Stroganof
  2. DemiurgicDivine


    Stroganoff, we are aware of this bug and we've got our staff team working on it. Please be patient and we will keep you updated.
  3. stroganoff


    Thats good to hear ill be patient

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