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Survival Tutorial | Updated: 14/07/2020

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by branny00, Jul 15, 2020.

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    This is a post with videos and text explaining how to play Survival and tips on how to make money.

    How to get started:

    To get started you will be in the spawn which you will find many things such as the blackmarket, a tutorial area, the drop party area and much more.

    To get to the overworld you will want to do /rtp and go to a random area, here you will be able to build or break blocks as long as no one has claimed the area

    Check out the youtube video here


    To claim an area you will need to have a wooden shovel and claim blocks, the more claim blocks you have the bigger the area you can claim. You cannot claim over someone elses claim but if they have not claimed it you can claim their builds.

    You should sethome at the place you would like to build straight away so you do not lose the area/the claim. You can do this by doing /sethome (home name) then doing /home (home name) to get back there. If you want to view all your homes you can do /home and it will bring up a list of all your homes. If you want to remove a home you can do /delhome (home name)

    Be aware if you claim too close to someone elses it may be removed along side the builds inside the claim. You can check if someone has claimed an are by using a stick and right clicking.

    Check out the youtube video here


    Achievements are a good way of making money, blackmarket coins, or items. You can check the achievements you can complete by doing /ach list. Once you have completed an achievement you will automatically receive the reward.

    Check out the youtube video here

    Mob Arena:

    The Mob Arena is a great way to play with friends to get rewards. In Mob Arena you will go through rounds of killing mobs, the higher in the rounds you go the harder it gets. You cannot take items in with you including armour but there is kits you can use inside the mob arena once you join.

    If you want to join the Mob Arena you can do /ma j (mob arena name) There is currently 2 Mob arenas, the main mob arena and the Nether mob arena. Both are different themes and have different mobs.

    Check out the youtube video here

    How to make money:

    You can make money in many different ways ranging from voting and using your vote keys, Mob Arena, achievements, selling to other players or making farms. I will show you some farms in the video below which will help make money

    Check out the youtube video here

    General commands:

    These are some of the commands on the server, some of which you will have seen throughout this tutorial:
    /sethome - This command allows you to set home at your current location.
    /home - This command allows you to teleport to a home you have set.
    /delhome - This command deletes the home you specify.
    /claim - You can use this command to claim a small area.
    /rtp - Teleport to a random place in the world to build.
    /ah - You can list things on the Auction House or buy things from other players.
    /ma j - To join the mob arena.
    /claimlist - To check all the claims you have.
    /bal - To check your current balance.
    /baltop - To check the people with the most amount of money.
    /vote - Vote for rewards each day.
    /setwarp - Sets a warp at your current location for players to warp to.
    /delwarp - Deletes your warp.
    /warp - When specifying a warp name it will teleport you to that warp.
    /warp list - Check all the server and player warps.

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