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Surivival reset to 1.15 or 1.16 and lagg reducement

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by jarno_hurk, Feb 8, 2020.

Should the legg reducement be fixed and the survival server be upgraded to atleast 1.15

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. jarno_hurk


    Hello all,

    So as survival resets take 10 monts we have a good amount of time to build play etc, but now we have reached again the 10 month limit. Since last reset was 5/4/2019 so the 10 mont limit is 5/2/2020 but enough about that.

    The reset
    Since the last thread about a reset and upgrade to 1.13 or to 1.14 was discussed but it seemed that version was unstable to run a server on, but staying on 1.12 and taking more and more features away to reduce lagg, but it also takes away more players so eventually the server will die, BUT in my opinion if there is a reset upgrade it to 1.15 also cuz that version is stable and more players will take interest in survival too, and if 1.16 is also stable then maybe upgrade to that version.

    Lagg reducement,
    So the way they reduce lagg now is by having hoppers move items at every 32 gameticks (or 32 items at the time), pistons cant push pistons so you cant make flying machines or other farms,
    The chunk load limit is 2x2(32x32 area), and a 32 piston limit per chunk.

    The changes that should be made of the lagg reducements
    So i dont care about the hoppers cuz thats been around for 3 resets. But all the lagg reducement is pushed and blamed onto the redstone whilst i am one of the few who is an redstone expert. But other farms like cactus or manual crop farms. But there are more ways to reduce lagg without touching the redstone. And i think that the piston should be able to push other pistons and that there shouldent be a piston limit.

    That was all now i hope that the staff will take a VERY good look into this and not just a quick no and that will be that
  2. Goldonen


    First of all, you are talking about there being many more ways to reduce lag, without touching redstone, but you failed to mention any... I would like to hear what kind of examples you can give, that will actually make a big enough difference, for us to be able to remove the piston limit. At the current moment, piston limit or hopper limitations are, on most of Neme servers, the way that we prevent lag. You should really provide more explanations on what you meant, when you said there are way more ways to prevent lag.

    Secondly, for the 1.15-1.16 upgrade, thats something that @NobleProductions would have to look into.

    As we say it numerous times, over and over, whenever there is a reset ready or planned for release, it will be announced on Forums. Keep an eye out for one there.
  3. jarno_hurk


    For the lagg reducemwnt on other things
    1.stop some of the unecasary plugins and go to 1.15 or 1.16 and that will give more space on the Ram of the server so it wil reduce lagg on the server so you can take the piston cant push a piston thing out.

    2.there are pretty laggy farms on the server as cactus(the primary way of making money for the last resets) and the egg farms(now the primary way of making money when starting out), i got my self voth of those farms. Since nemegaming lowered the cactus sell price from 3.4$ per 1 to 1.14$ for 1, but no1 noticed that the randomtickspeed was upgraded so it was exactly thesame just more selling for thesame amount of money. But players didnt took an imterest cuz some1 had a better idea, the egg farms. Now we all know how it works so i wont go and explain that(maybe if its really high demand), so almost everyone who plays regularly has an egg farm also me. Most of em are simple and can hold like 500 chickens but mine can hold over 9k chickens(it has only 5.3k) but the thing is chickenfarms produce just as much as a normal sizsd cactus farm 32x32x64 not in items but in money so they basicly made it more laggy then before to make this not laggy id say just make the egg unsellable and cactus too(would make a good challenge for me and other players when starting to make real money)

    Thats all for now i will look for more ways to reduce lagg but this is all i could thing of atm.
  4. StarWarsIsGreat


    Is there a way we can have a full valnilla survival server with the lastest snapshot or something?
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    @jarno_hurk you mentioned massive farms for money are causing lag, do you think removing the economy on survival is a way to fix this?
  5. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager

    The idea of having the server on a higher version at the moment is not a good idea, some of these versions are VERY unstable and some of them change major things that would break a lot.

    Having a full vanilla server just would not work, we need some plugins for many things.
  6. jarno_hurk


    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 9, 2020 ---
    No i dont think thats a good idea but that is not what i said, i said that if you would make the egg unsellable and only buyable it would be better so ppl wont make the egg farms anymore(or not as much)
  7. cooldemigod


    Again like I said in the other thread, minecraft servers just can't handle being on versions above 1.12. I don't know of a single server with survival above 1.12. Multiple player survival should be able making friends an doing fun things together, so it really shouldn't matter what version the server is on. If you want to use the newer features with your friends, get a realm and play there. Servers just can't handle it.
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    The server still wouldn't be able to handle it. Especially with oceans and with 1.16 all the nether stuff and now wanting to move to snapshots and not even finished versions. It would be a disaster.
  8. jarno_hurk


    You dont know one but try searching..

    Not to make advertisement but that is a server i play on that is 1.15.2 and is very. VeRY stable it has alot of players more than neme used to have
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    The server still wouldn't be able to handle it. Especially with oceans and with 1.16 all the nether stuff and now wanting to move to snapshots and not even finished versions. It would be a disaster.[/QUOTE]

    1.15 is finished and they have begun on 1.16 and its not a beta or an alpa its fully finished 1.16.1 or .2 might come but thats just for some tweaks and ye i get that but 1m15 is done and ready for servers

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