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Survival Spleef

Discussion in 'Events' started by Yho_, Oct 25, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 10-27-19
  1. Yho_

    Yho_ Staff Member Mod ELI

    Heya, people of the realms~
    This Sunday (that is the 27th of October) I'll be hosting a Spleef on Survival. The first round will start at 7pm EDT, but don't worry, if you didn't make it exactly on time, since we're doing multiple rounds, anyway.
    Technically, we'll be playing Splegg. At a Splegg, your main objective is to not fall into the water below. Every player is equipped with infinite eggs, which if thrown, will destroy the ground. The last player standing wins some nice prize.
    Hope to see you guys there~
    Key Data :
    What? : Spleef (Splegg)
    Where? : Survival
    When? : 27th of October, 7pm EDT (4pm PDT, 6pm CDT, 11pm GMT, 10am AEDT)

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