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Skyblock suggestions part. 3 I believe

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Therealgs_, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Therealgs_

    Therealgs_ Staff Member Mod ELI SAM

    Hey, guys, welcome back to my suggestions part three! Anyways, I don't expect all of these to come through; however, these are my opinions, so I would like to suggest them.

    1. Bring back the competitiveness.
    - The only reason I have played skyblock for all of these years is to be competitive, like how much dirt you have, spawners, island levels, or money. Skyblock, in my opinion, is a place where you brag and showboat just for the competitive nature of it. The reason I find this skyblock reset boring is because a lot of the competitiveness that used to be here is no longer available.
    2. OP2 pickaxe kit
    - Now you know how there is the extra spawner kit, which back then was useful because you could change it with /ss. However, as the spawner system has changed, I believe these additional spawner kits are almost useless. I think to make a profit, you guys should consider releasing the OP2 kit. Every reset, they can use the kit once and have OP2 available to them. The upper management can choose how much they want it to cost, but I would guess that this would be very profitable if autosell is still good in the next reset.
    3. Auction house
    - I put this in my staff application, but I never saw it get added. I believe an auction house would be successful because it would let people bid for a specific item. I think this would be a cool feature for us players to see a bidding war happen. It would also be more comfortable for players to put an item on the auction house and see how much it goes for; instead of asking around in the chat.

    Thank you to all who read it and/or responded!
  2. babyplatypus19


    I could not agree more with the competitive aspect, skyblock was fun back in the day because you had to be creative with limited resources. Just my 2 cents
  3. Therealgs_

    Therealgs_ Staff Member Mod ELI SAM

    Dude what is up bro! Haven't seen you in a while. Also, yeah it was really fun back then!

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