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Skyblock Season 5

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Nov 26, 2019.

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    Skyblock will be reset on Friday, November 29th @ 3PM EST
    Live server will be brought down at 6AM EST on the same day
    Server version: 1.12.2 (1.8 - 1.14.4 supported)
    Data that will not be transferred:

    • Inventories
    • Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • All worlds and builds
    • MCMMO levels
    • In-game currency
    • In-game ranks
    Data that will be transferred:
    • Paid ranks
    • Paid commands
    Packages purchased prior to release will be re-run shortly after
    Anything purchased within 2 weeks of this announcement will be re-run
    This season, we moved Skyblock from competitive to casual as a way to slow things down on the server and allow people to enjoy the simple aspects of Skyblock as a gamemode. Throughout this season, we've seen that despite making it casual over competitive, people still wanted to be competitive despite there being no incentive to do so. We've come to the realisation that casual play without a competitive alternative won't work here, which is what this next reset aims to fix, so let's get into it.
    As mentioned above, making the server casual without any means of an alternative didn't help sustain the server throughout its life, and also lead to people being competitive anyway due to the inherent nature of the server. With that said, I'm pleased to announce that Skyblock will be returning to its former competitive self as it was prior to the current season. Not only that, but we're committing ourselves to designing this server to be properly competitive as opposed to before which was toeing the line between casual and competitive.
    As expected with a competitive server, we're bringing back gift card rewards to those that are top of the leaderboards for various aspects of the server.

    - Top Island Worth
    - Each week, the owners of the top 3 most valuable islands will receive a gift card reward they can use

    #1 $50 Gift Card Reward
    #2 $25 Gift Card Reward
    #3 $10 Gift Card Reward
    This season, we've introduced a brand new item upgrading system that entirely replaces the ecraft system. When you earn achievements, you'll earn achievement shards (virtual currency that can be viewed at /goals) which can be used to upgrade your items. On top of shards, you'll need a specific amount of EXP levels too.

    Unlike with the old system requiring the tool to not be modified in any way, this new system doesn't have that issue. Now, your tool can be renamed, have item stats attached, and have a modified lore without any issue. Rather than replacing your item, this new system will instead upgrade your current item instead to the new enchantments.
    Going forward, we'll no longer be referring to this server as Skyblock Ultra. Instead, we'll be reverting to this server being the only Skyblock server on the network. We'll continue to monitor how things go down the line before making a decision in the future whether to bring it back.

    Alongside this reset comes a plethora of minor changes that aim to improve your overall experience on the server.
    • Disabled natural spawning of animals and mobs
    • Disabled enderman teleportation
    • You'll now get teleported to spawn from void damage on islands you're not a member of
    • Cobblestone will now drop when you're AFK mining
    • Coops will no longer be persistent across reboots
    • You can now view the total amount of money and souls you've earned from fishing at the lake
    • Upon consumption, empty bottles will be removed from your inventory in mob arena
    • You can no longer create homes on islands you do not own
    • Cactus is no longer smelted with /smelt and /smeltchest
    • Listing your island team members will now tell you if they're online or not
    • You can no longer break ender chests on islands you're not added to
    • When breaking a sign, you'll no longer receive the message about destroying a chest shop unless the sign is an actual chest shop
    • Creepers will no longer blow up when stacked
    • When trying to coop someone to the island you're cooped to, it'll now tell you that you must be the owner rather than letting the command through
    • When trying to do /is value outside of your island, it'll now tell you you're not on your island rather than not in an island space (this message would show even when on other islands that were not your own)
    • When doing /is makeleader with no name specified, it'll now actually tell you how to use the command rather than saying unknown command
    • Added island setting for block placing (defaults to false)
    • Added /keys to view how many of each key you have
    • Added player vault GUI
    • Added /sugar to the store (converts sugar cane to sugar)
    • Added chairs
    • Added /hoppers to view your current hopper count compared to your hopper limit
    • Added fishing stats to scoreboard while in spawn
    • Added an island setting to allow members to break spawners
    • Added island settings to island GUI
    • Fixed /fly island setting
    • Fixed /jump and /top being blocked from private messages
    Hope to see you all on the server when it resets!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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