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Skyblock Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

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    Skyblock will be reset on Saturday, March 9th @ 3PM EST
    Live server will be brought down at 6AM EST on the same day
    Server version: 1.12.2 (1.8 - 1.13.2 supported)
    Data that will not be transferred:

    • Inventories
    • Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • All worlds and builds
    • MCMMO levels
    • In-game currency
    • In-game ranks
    Data that will be transferred:
    • Paid ranks
    • Paid commands
    Packages purchased prior to release will be re-run shortly after
    Anything purchased within 2 weeks of this announcement will be re-run
    When we brought in this reset, we made a few significant changes that would give more reason to play over the entire season rather than simply AFK mine 24/7. For the most part, this was successful and we saw many more people actually playing on the server over the course of its life. The systems we brought into place such as the spawner and fishing system were received well given that they spruced up the gameplay in such a way that it gave you something to do whenever you were on. Granted, they weren't without their flaws, and this reset aims to combat those.
    As mentioned above, while the new spawner system was received well, it definitely could have been better. With this reset, we've worked on changing how the system works and slightly altered how you obtain spawners. Rather than grinding for souls to buy gems, you'll now instead use the souls in place of the gems to purchase the spawners. With that, the price of a spawner type will increase the more of it you buy. So if you buy a corrupt spawner, the price of all corrupt spawners will increase based on the amount you have previously bought. With that said, the increase is not infinite and will cap out.
    For the first time since it was implemented, we're finally changing how the rankup system works. On top of requiring money to rank up, you'll now need to complete certain tasks such as voting x amount of times or reaching x fishing level. You'll be able to see all the requirements for the ranks in the rankup GUI (/rankup) which is also used to progress to the next rank. As with the current rank system, you require the previous rank to get to the higher ranks, meaning even if you have all the requirements for a higher rank, you still need the lower ranks before you can unlock them.

    All members of the top 3 islands with the highest levels will be receiving their tag upon reset, which will be calculated when the server comes down one final time, and the winners will be announced in the follow-up thread containing all the statistics of the season.

    As with the last reset, we’re offering not only the tags for the top 3 island levels, but also gift card rewards too!

    #1 - <1st place> (level): $100 Gift Card
    #2 - <2nd place> (level): $50 Gift Card
    #3 - <3rd place> (level): $25 Gift Card
    #4 - <4th place> (level): Runner-up
    #5 - <5th place> (level): Runner-up​
    The top 3 players with the highest balance will also receive a gift card reward!

    #1 - <1st place> (balance): $100 Gift Card
    #2 - <2nd place> (balance): $50 Gift Card
    #3 - <3rd place> (balance): $25 Gift Card
    #4 - <4th place> (balance): Runner-up
    #5 - <5th place> (balance): Runner-up
    The winners for both rewards will be announced in the reset stats thread that'll come out post-release.

    Alongside this reset comes a plethora of minor changes that aim to improve your overall experience on the server.
    • /fps is now a default command
    • Island limit ranges will now increase based off of your in-game rank
    • Added several parkours
    • Added Mob Arena
    • Added warp gui (/warp)
    • Added spawn NPCs
    Hope to see you all on the server when it resets!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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  2. DerpyWorldMan


    Yew Yew Get keen to spend some monnnnay!
  3. SplitTip


    Super excited for this! I started getting into Skyblock when I got accepted to the staff team and this seems like a great time to become fully into Skyblock AND Survival!
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  4. NinjaMiner49r


    I don't mind a reset (I do really want one), but this seems very sudden. I assume this has to do with the constant crashes, as that seems to have driven quite a few players away, but i (and i think most players) would have liked to known a few weeks beforehand so I could finish up projects and goals. I am a little upset, but i will continue to play regardless.

    and this time i'm getting that emp tag ;)
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  5. davidnutt10


    I thought I would have more time to grind up the last few possible achs but this is still fine
  6. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    will ach top be receiving tags too?
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  7. TedNC


    Will there be downtime? If so when and how long ;)
  8. Grace_Leece


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  9. Taz_Run21


    YESS FINALLY!, Who Wants to join me for the new reset?
  10. Rasturize

    Rasturize VIP

    As stated on the post, the server will be whitelisted at 6AM EST, opening for players at 3PM EST. So there will be a downtime of 9 hours. This allows us to fully transfer our new updates, as well as do final checks to ensure the server is both stable and all features work as intended.
  11. Draco_Dark_Shift


    More of a notice would of been nice..... My team had enough ores to overtake is top. But one day notice isnt exactly enough time to place over 1m in ores.
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  12. Xary


    So we can start over again, yes !!!
    Fishing time :D
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  13. davidnutt10


    We had some hidden ores too;)
  14. Draco_Dark_Shift


    Yea but now we will never know who coulda been
  15. LexieLeigh


    It wasn't possible.
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  16. DrPump


    Loving it so far!
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  17. Draco_Dark_Shift


    Yall need to stop acting like no one can outdo you guys. Your not that good
  18. NotOkay

    Forum Master

  19. davidnutt10


    All we did was state you didn't have a chance to beat us last reset. That is all
  20. Draco_Dark_Shift


    But i could of :p

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