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September 3rd 2018

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    September 3rd 2018

    Network Changes

    - Added a line to spawn holograms reminding players to look at /rules and /srules (if applicable)
    - Added the range of money and exp you can receive from crate pouches (KitPvP)
    - Removed /tc from Titan's description (Skyblock)
    - Removed pets and trails from all rank descriptions until they're added again (Skyblock)
    - Updated SellWand description from 200 to 500 uses (Skyblock)
    - Updated description of ranks to state the new tab prefix rather than icon (KitPvP)
    - Removed SellChests from rank descriptions (Survival)
    - Updated icons for chunkbusters to TNT (OP Factions)
    - Updated order of OP Items (OP Factions)
    - Updated icons for ShockWave Pickaxes to better represent their worth
    - Added icon to SellWand (OP Factions)
    - Added icon to VoidChest (OP Factions)
    - Added disclaimer on all one-time packages stating that items will not be returned unless directly caused by a server issue
    - Added disclaimer on all one-time packages stating that if they are purchased within two weeks of the next reset, they'll be given back after the reset
    - Gift Cards created for Top Voters will now work on all stores
    - Added an "Unsure" option to the poll for all future feature suggestions
    - Partially updated punishment appeal URL to
    - Renamed "Ban Evading" to "Punishment Evading" on Punishment Appeal
    - Updated "PvP Glitching" to "Glitching or Harassing"
    - Added section to Player Report about the rule(s) that the reported player supposedly broke
    - Added a Discord tab (this will open in a new window):
    - Added a new question to the Player Report form to specify a date and time when the offence occurred
    - Removed the ROB rank
    - Moved Punishment Appeals above Player Reports and Purchase Unban/Unmute
    - Stated that Printer is allowed only on OP Factions in Approved Mods list
    - Changed the "In Progress" tag from blue to orange in Feature Suggestions
    - Updated Media Application to state that you must have 1,000 subscribers before applying
    - Added a "Member" title that you receive after being awarded 5 Trophy Points (posting for the first time)

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Fixed all events
    - Added clickable arena selection for sumo to /host
    - Moved to new tournament arena
    - Made rules boards
    - Made money pouch messages from crates look much better
    - Added queues to duels: /duel queue
    - Added hologram leaderboards for duels in spawn
    - Fixed some misc bugs with spectating duels
    - Gave players access to use /duel queue
    OP Factions
    - Made rules boards
    - Added light fixtures to a few bridges in spawn that never got them
    - Gave players access to /reaction wins and /reaction wins <name>
    - Added creepers, spiders, pigs, sheep, cows & chickens to the entities killed achievement list
    - Disabled action-based trading
    - Disabled elytra use in /warp DP
    - Disabled /firework use in /warp DP

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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