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Revamp Changelog

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by NobleProductions, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Hey everyone,

    So with the release of the Survival revamp, a swath of changes have been made to the server that were not previously mentioned in the main announcement. So without further ado, let's get into it.

    • Updated to 1.12
    • Expanded world border from 30,000 blocks to 45,000
    • Increased accrued claimblock limit from 50,000 to 75,000
    • Increased accrued claimblocks per hour from 250 to 400
    • Added biome options to /rp
    • Added 3 new levels on top of General (Admiral, Hero and Legend)
    • Added vote party flares rather than just giving 3 vote flares
    • Added scramble stats
    • Added /reaction top
    • Added /reaction wins
    • Added lapis to /sell hand
    • Added Achievement items
    • Added OP item upgrades via custom crafting
    • Added OP Shovel & OP Rod
    • Fixed access to Mob Arena kits
    • Fixed an issue where your name would appear as white in tab list
    • Updated Mob Arena bosses to the current management team
    • Announcements are now clickable
    • Non-trusted players can no longer interact with wooden doors and trap doors
    • /glow now shows your actual color like in tab list
    • /back now takes you to your death location (for ranks with access to /back)
    • When you click sign to join Mob Arena, it’ll now inform you of minimum players needed and command to leave
    • Claimblock tokens can now be acquired in airdrop flares
    • Tab list is now ordered based on ranks
    • New economy design for market & GUI market, includes a lot of requested blocks / items
    • Removed excess messages on rankup
    We hope you enjoy this revamp, it's been great fun working on it, so we hope you have a great time with it!

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  2. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    Cannot wait to have fun with all the new stuff :)
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  3. loopey


    Love the new updates, I might start playing survival!
  4. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART

    This looks amazing and I know it will be amazing. Thank you ^-^
  5. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    So i’ve played for quite some time on survival since the revamp release, and it seems that players are loving it. Some in depth explanation of /ecraft from a management team member or admin would be nice, but that’s just something that can be worked on some other time. Good job Noble.
  6. Llilz


    Oooooo his will be so fun! I’m so excited as survival being one of my go to servers
  7. BritishBear

    BritishBear Insight Team

    @NotOkay I've faffed around with /ecraft a little so I'll try save the staff a bit of work and fill you in with what I know:

    /ecraft, using rewards from /ach is a new upgrade system for making high tiered tools. There are 6 new items used for ecraft, 4 can obtained from /ach, 1 has to be crafted, and the other is (currently) unknown. Though I will update this if I figure out how to obtain it.

    The 6 items are as followed:
    • Upgrade shards (prismarine shards)
    • Upgrade crystals (Ender crystals)
    • Upgrade gems (nether stars)
    • Achievement hoe shards (nether stars)
    • Achievement hoe 2 shards (nether stars)
    • Achievement axe shards (nether stars)

    Upgrade Shards
    Upgrade shards are rewarded for completing the mid tier challenges. Their sole purpose is to craft upgrade crystals. You need 9 shards to make 1 crystal

    Upgrade Crystals
    Upgrade crystals can only be obtained from crafting them in /ecraft. Their main use will be upgrading OP tools, into MK.2 OP tools, which contain better enchants than the original tool.
    The up-gradable tools consist of:
    The Noble Pickaxe
    Ned's Lucky Hoe
    Vanessa's Shovel
    Joey's rod
    They can also be used to make upgrade gems, which you will need 9 of, to make 1 gem.

    Upgrade Gem
    Upgrade gems can be obtained from either completing the last achievement at the end of a chain. (on most occasions/ example: killing 10k zombies will give you one, as will 10k spiders, and 10k skeletons), or crafting them in ecraft from 9 upgrade crystals. They are from high tier challenges as they will make you your high tier tools. They are used for converting your Mk.2 tools, into Mk.3.

    Achievement Upgrade shards (hoe/axe)
    Achievement upgrade shards look exactly the same as upgrade gems, but they are used for different tools entirely. They can only be obtained from completing "elite" challenges that are in relation to the specific tools, such as:
    Break 5000 fully grown potatoes -> 1 achievement hoe shard
    Break 24000 fully grown potatoes -> 1 achievement hoe 2 shard
    I am unsure where you obtain axe shards, i sifted through every ach to try and find it, but i couldn't find any axe shard rewards. I figured it would be mobs killed or something to do with logs, but there was nothing.
    The achievements tools are:
    Achievement hoe 1
    Achievement hoe 2
    Achievement Axe
    Both the hoes require 5 hoe shards to make. 5 hoe shards for hoe 1, 5 hoe shard 2s for hoe 2. The axe requires 6 axe shards to make. You cannot convert your hoe 1 into a hoe 2
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  8. R3alTim3


    Achievement Axe Shards can be obtained by completing the achievements found on /ach list, under *Blocks Broken*, then by clicking on the icon of a stone_button on the bottom-right corner to go to the "Next" page. There, you will see Achievements List 2.

    The following goals award Achievement Axe Shards:
    • Break 5000 oak log blocks
    • Break 5000 spruce log blocks
    • Break 5000 birch log blocks
    • Break 5000 jungle log blocks
    • Break 5000 acacia log blocks
    • Break 5000 dark oak log blocks
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