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Random Ideas - Make Sure To Post Yours!

Discussion in 'KitPvP Discussion' started by Kewih, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Kewih


    [Gangs / Teams]
    The Idea of being able to create a team for 5 - 10 people sounds like fun, your team can play with you on the battlefield and in events!. You could have a gold storage and maybe a gang top for the combined kills and how much combined gold the players have.
    Having a crate for kits, gold, and ranks sounds like a great way to make the game more balanced. You could get crates from purchasing them online, voting, with gold itself, and maybe every week on the leaderboard the top 5 can get a free crate key.
    Inspired from Hypixel's "The Pit", being able to use gold to buy lets say a an item like a rod, or longer strength for kill streak could add more ways for people to have a personalised loadout / inventory to fight other players besides the kits themselves.
    [Ranking Up]
    Being able to use your gold to rank up could be used for a leaderboard of its own, and will add more uses for gold in the game. Maybe prestiging at a certain point would be good too.
    [Top 5]
    People from the leaderboard should be able to get a weekly prize for gold or crate keys. People would want to grind for the top more, not only for looks but it will gradually make you better by letting you spend it on your gang or upgrading your kits.
    [After Thoughts]
    I think that these ideas would help #REVIVEKITS and obviously you wouldn't have to add all of them or any of them if you don't want it. Post your ideas for everyone to see in the comments, and go check out to post kit changes and make sure to send the document back to `[email protected]`, then send @Grim xo#1111 the link on discord alongside your IGN.
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  2. cooldemigod


    TBH i think the gold isn't really neme's style. But have the option to truce with people which would expire in like an hour or two, just so if you are down in pvp it will negate you hitting people you are truced with. There is already the money system so not really a need for gold, but more ways to earn money is a must, like you said weekly leader boards which give in game money.

    I do think a custom load out would be cool but I'm not sure how plausible that would be, maybe you can pay money to get different tiers of custom loadouts where you can only go up to a certain total prot level and sharp level. And then next level up that, etc. Of course this would have to cost a good amount of money the player would have to pay, but not sure if it would work or if it would just be horribly abused.

    Also not sure if anyone said if ranks were getting removed or the ability to purchase is coming back because not having the kits available to everyone rn is dumb especially since the shop is closed. So shop should open back up, (obviously) if the new kits are for ranked players. Or just make easier ways to get money and be able to purchase kits.
  3. Henaliest


    I just want to say that teaming is the reason kits died, huge teams led to no competition and helping those just turns new players or people who want a fair fight away.

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