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Prison Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner


    Prison will be reset on Sunday, February 10th @ 3PM EST
    Live server will be brought down at 12PM EST on the same day
    Server version: 1.8.8 (1.8 - 1.13.2 supported)
    Data that will not be transferred:

    • Inventories
    • Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • All worlds and builds
    • MCMMO levels
    • In-game currency
    • In-game ranks
    Data that will be transferred:
    • Paid ranks
    • Paid commands
    Packages purchased prior to release will be re-run shortly after
    Anything purchased within 2 weeks of this announcement will be re-run
    As seen with our prior resets, Prison has received a huge overhaul to most aspects. Most notably, we've placed a larger focus on PvP in that it will be true 1.8 combat and armour stacking will be making its full return in its original glory just like it was over a year ago.
    As mentioned above, the server has been moved back to 1.8 which not only allows for the proper combat the server used to have, but it also allows for us to bring back armour stacking exactly as it was before. With that in mind, there has been an overhaul to the kits and how we distribute armour. Rather than having unique sets of armour per rank that are only useful for a small amount of time, all kits will now receive the same armour set that can be stacked. The primary difference is in how many pieces of that armour each kit will get and how often you get them.
    Fortune has seen a massive reduction this reset across the board. This will create a fairer balance between paying and non-paying accounts while still giving an advantage to those paying accounts. This goes hand-in-hand with the overall reduction in the time it takes to rank up, which should also reduce the over-reliance on boosters.
    As seen on all of our recent resets, we've been revamping the stores of the servers we reset. This includes changing up our pricing structure to be consistent across all of our servers, as before, the prices were wildly inconsistent depending on the store you visited. This revamp aims to combat that, while also giving us the chance to fix up any outdated packages we may have on there and adding in some new packages.

    This reset, we've changed a few packages to better suit what we're going for:
    • The 3x Neme Keys package now contains 5 keys
    • The Personal Booster has been reduced to 12 hours from 24
    • The Global Booster has been reduced to 2 hours from 3
    As mentioned above, we've made changes to the pricing structure of the store to be in line with the changes we've made to the recently-reset servers so far. Here is the full list of changes:
    At the end of the season, we will calculate those that have both reached the top rank and mine, and also those that have the most kills on the server.

    Calculation for final amounts will be done after the server is brought down at the end of the season. The winners will be posted on here once they have been calculated.

    #1 - $100 Gift Card
    #2 - $50 Gift Card
    #3 - $25 Gift Card
    #1 - $100 Gift Card
    #2 - $50 Gift Card
    #3 - $25 Gift Card
    Alongside this reset comes a plethora of minor changes that aim to improve your overall experience on the server.
    • Reduced the length of blindness from obsidian in the Jackpot mine
    • Added acacia and dark oak wood in the wood mine
    • Added trading back to the server
    • Increased the money increment when trading with someone to $1,000,000 per increment
      • This can be increased by Shift + Right clicking
    • Removed EXP fly
    • All clickable items are now sunflower heads to prevent them from being accidentally sold
    • Added automatic teleporting to your best mine when you do /sorry, /startover and /rankupall and when you prestige (this will be instant if you're not in combat)
    • Alt limit has been changed from 10 to 3
    Hope to see you all on the server when it resets!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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  2. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    Reset hype! Cannot wait to play.
  3. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    oh boy
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Insight Team

    Oh miep
  5. Pashobik


    Hyped for the new reset! Can't wait to see the changes :)
  6. Gamengday

    Gamengday Staff Member Mod ELI

    Whoo! New Reset hype!

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