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October 28th 2019

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    October 28th 2019

    Network Changes

    - Promoted newly promoted staff
    - Added banner
    - Nitro Boosters can now add reactions to posts in #announcements (as long as they comply with the rules)
    - Updated SOTM
    - Added :haeee:
    - Implemented #twitter-feed, channel will display all new tweets from @NemeGaming

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Updated banner board
    - New build!
    - Disabled fall damage
    - You're now teleported to the correct place when logging in
    - You no longer lose items on death
    - Set world difficulty to Peaceful (so no one dies)
    - Set default gamemode to Adventure
    - Death messages no longer show up in chat
    - Made spawn a bit more spooky for Halloween
    - Disabled firework damage in pvp lobby
    - Made spawn a bit more spooky for Halloween

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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