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November 25th 2019

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    November 25th 2019

    Network Changes

    - Removed "Ultra" from the Skyblock channel and role name

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Redid the MOTD to match the other servers and to have clickable links
    - Fixed an error where the MOTD links weren't clickable
    - Disabled natural spawning of animals and mobs
    - Removed /nickrestore
    - Disabled enderman teleportation
    - You'll now get teleported to spawn from void damage on islands you're not a member of
    - Blocks will now drop when you're AFK mining
    - Added /mcnotify, /togglesouls, /ic, /wc, and /pc to Mob Arena allowed commands
    - Added island setting for block placing (defaults to false)
    - Added bossbar notifications
    - Clarified that fishing level in rankup is /f
    - Added /keys to view how many of each key you have
    - Added player vault GUI
    - Added /sugar to the store
    - Added chairs
    - Coops will no longer be persistent across reboots
    - You can now view the total amount of money and souls you've earned from fishing at the lake
    - Upon consumption, empty bottles will be removed from your inventory in mob arena
    - Added /hoppers to view your current hopper count compared to your hopper limit
    - Added fishing stats to scoreboard while in spawn
    - You can no longer create homes on islands you do not own
    - Added an island setting to allow members to break spawners
    - Cactus is no longer smelted with /smelt and /smeltchest
    - Added /votefly system
    - Listing your island team members will now tell you if they're online or not
    - Added island settings to island GUI
    - Removed /day and /night from all ranks
    - Added the achievement shop (/achshop)
    - Fixed /fly island setting
    - Fixed /jump and /top being blocked from private messages
    - You can no longer break ender chests on islands you're not added to
    - When breaking a sign, you'll no longer receive the message about destroying a chest shop unless the sign is an actual chest shop
    - /hopperamt will now be consistent with /is info
    - Creepers will no longer blow up when stacked
    - When trying to coop someone to the island you're cooped to, it'll now tell you that you must be the owner rather than letting the command through
    - When trying to do /is value outside of your island, it'll now tell you you're not on your island rather than not in an island space (this message would show even when on other islands that were not your own)
    - When doing /is makeleader with no name specified, it'll now actually tell you how to use the command rather than saying unknown command
    - Removed physical market
    - All players now get access to /shop (the GUI)
    - Fixed bows being named after old ranks
    - Fixed clownfish not being given
    - All fishing challenges have had their required fish caught decrease
    - Set up all server warps
    - Added ~spawner
    - Set up BM items
    - Disallowed item fountains in spawn
    - Fixed kits not working
    - Disabled /restore
    - Added /kp challenge to view all Challenge (tier 1) items
    - Removed Rasturize, LiittleR3d, and Grimlkin from MobArena and added branny00, NinoTheDino, and haeee
    - You now need 2 players to start the Mob Arena
    - Changed visitor furnace use to false by default
    - Changed all "Upgrade Shards" in the Achievement Shop GUI to say "Achievement Shards" instead
    - The Achievement Shop GUI will now correctly show your Achievement Shard balance
    - Fixed an issue where you couldn't bridge to the tree island on the Adventure island
    - Witches now give Unarmed skill
    - Fixed an error where the MOTD links were off by 1 place
    - Set up and added Parkours 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
    - Fixed an error where mobs spawned from eggs bought in /shop would have a hard-set red name of the mob
    - Set up and fixed Mob Arena
    - Added /soulamounts (aliases /soulamount, /soulsamount, /soulsamounts, and /sa), gives you how many souls each mob gives on kill
    - Updated the souls and spawner information board at /warp tutorial to explain the new updates on gaining more souls.
    - Updated the Custom Enchant information board at /warp tutorial to explain the new enchant system
    - Fixed players not being able to apply custom enchants to items
    - Set up Dec. 1st, 2019 Scavenger Hunt event
    - Fixed all tags still reflecting "Titan" to say "Sapphire" instead

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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