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Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by Therealgs_, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Therealgs_


    Heyo! My name is Therealgs_ you can see me grinding on my island every day. I thought maybe there could be some more improvements.

    Kits-> Yes, kits are very important and you can get them by doing ./rankup or buying a rank on the website. I believe that there should be like a starter kit either they spawn in with it or can do /kit starter. Essentially it would give them good enough supplies to start them off in the right directions.

    Sell wand-> Sell wand is really useful but I was thinking its kind of a waste of money to keep buying it after you used it. Maybe you could make a feature in the game to refill it for a certain amount of in-game money.

    Master Donor-> Master Donor was the best rank until Titan. I am suggesting to bring some commands back like /top /jump /thru. Those commands were very useful and were just really awesome commands.

    Mob arena-> Oh my god this was like OG Neme. I remember playing it and getting so much stuff from it. I am thinking it should be brought back because not only is it fun but it also helps new players get stuff they need for their island and it was just a cool thing.

    Voting-> Voting gives awesome incentive but I think you should add an incentive for people without ranks so they vote even more often. Like ./feed or ./fly for any hour anything like that. You know stuff like that proves to be really helpful and would be a great way to indirectly compel them to vote.

    Community-> Our community is cool and filled with awesome individuals. I feel that maybe every weekend there should be something unique and cool. Like one weekend maybe you get to mine faster or another week there is a crazy drop party. This would really bring the community together and just show how consistent the server is and how fun the server really is.

    Ore upgrading- This was ZeWitchi's idea. She had a cool idea regarding how fast people make money on skyblock. Essentially you start off with cobble and coal and you have to pay to start getting iron in the cobble gen and so on. This way it would be rarer to get diamonds and could balance out the economy. This would balance out the economy and not allow people to make money faster.
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  2. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    here’s the reply you wanted

    there is a kit starter, it’s in the chest on their island. that’s how all skyblock servers work, it allows for a basic start which leads to the more advanced kits like the ones from rank upgrades and donator ranks.

    I like this idea, but it’ll probably make the server less money, therefor it might not be added. maybe a certain amount of refills before you’d have to buy another?

    I’m not sure if those commands will ever come back... they were used to glitch into places, and for users to get into areas they shouldn’t be. said commands were especially abused in the parkour area. (Thru is a worldedit command, i don’t think any ranks have had that command before besides OP ranks)

    there’s obviously going to need to be better reasoning. (MobArena already exists on survival, and i’m not seeing why it wouldn’t on skyblock either.)

    iirc you can get those things from using points, but i don’t know if i agree with this idea. good thinking though.

    it wouldn’t necessarily display how fun the server is, it’d just be an event that happens which people will get bored of constantly “having”(it’s late give me a break) drop parties happen all the time, especially on the more focused on servers like skyblock and survival.

    I’ve suggested something like this to connor, generator leveling, and it seemed like he liked the idea, but i’m not so sure... that was a while ago anyways. I’m a fan of this.

    cool thread
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  3. Therealgs_


    Yo thanks bro for taking time out of your night. Yeah, I agree with you mostly but for the starter kit, I was thinking like they get mostly food, a good pickaxe to start off with and a few spawners. Yes, they have to grind for more spawners but starting off with them would be very helpful. They could find a steady income through that.

    For the second suggestion that's a great idea. I think that's valid how it should work out, at the end of the day I don't want Neme to die because of lack of money.

    Third, those commands use to exist on MD rank but I understand your concern. However, they could be controlled on parkour by simply world guard.

    For the Mob arena, this was really back in the day kind of thing. This was just a cool little mini-game it's just a cool way to either take a break or you know grind for some rare stuff that you can get out of it.

    The voting thing was a stretch but you know you can just add more incentive.

    For the community thing, I was just thinking they provide you know more fun events and stuff like that. It would really cool to see them do a little more for the community. I know they do a lot anyway but this would just be a cool addition.
  4. LexieLeigh

    LexieLeigh Insight Team

    Those commands were abused and not coming back. Conversation really ends there.
    Edit : Those commands were also used to kill players who were afk.

    Cool Idea but, but I'd stand behind it with the points system.

    The community is actually dying. (Truth SB Wise) Decent idea, but with SkyBlock and how basic it is there's not many "Fun" activities they could do.

    Good idea, but the economy should be balanced out better next reset, compared to the current one at least.
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  5. Therealgs_


    Hey Lexie! I didn't know those commands were abused. Also, I wasn't saying to take out the point system I was just saying just a little more incentive for voting. Your right community is dying but we should do more things and that will spread and start attracting a new player base.
  6. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    I do recall MobArena existing on Skyblock, but it was removed shortly before I arrived here. By the time it became possible to bring it back, we already had it on Survival, and we'd rather reduce redundant modes. With that said, we are looking for games that can be a form of replacement for MobArena (Spleef?) either for next reset, or sometime down the line.

    We do have a planned revamp of voting which will be coming with the next major server reset, there'll be more on that when that's announced.

    In regards to the declining community; it's normal, especially at this time of year with a lot of people now back in school. It's definitely a bit lower than it normally would due to Skyblock bring in its current state which will be a priority very soon.

    Good suggestions here, I'd highly recommend putting them into the Feature Suggestions section so they can be processed by ISAAC and put into our suggestions map that we refer back to for resets.
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  7. Therealgs_


    Thanks, and will do!
  8. DrPump

    DrPump Staff Member Mod BART

    I really like and support this idea!
  9. WhiteThornRose


    TNT spleef??
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  10. Therealgs_


    It doesn't really matter just something different
  11. BritishBear

    BritishBear Insight Team

    Personally i don't see why you'd just leave it on survival and not bring it over to SB as well. Building your island can get tedious so this would allow people to have a break killing some mobs with friends, as well as having a slight competitiveness on who can achieve the higher round survived on their own or groups etc. I understand you have it on survival, but a lot of us don't play survival, so the rewards for us would be pointless.
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  12. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Main reason being that we'd want to diversify the kind of games we have on each server. Same reason we wouldn't put 1v1s on any server other than KitPvP as it would segregate the community for example. However, we would be open to adding it in the future if there's enough support for it.
  13. BritishBear

    BritishBear Insight Team

    So can we have some kind of vote or petition to see how many people are willing to back this idea, I know I'm not the only person who wants this and I'm sure the figures would show that.
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  14. redspace


    I think this is the some of the best ideas ever. I feel as if we do need some change in the economy. I also have never seen the mobarena but it sounds amazing.My favorite idea is the ore upgrading, it would make skyblock more cool. skyblock has gotten boring it just a cool feature to add. I think they should do an update on this as quickly as possible because it would make the server more popular, the community more engaged, and the server more fun.

    signed-The coolest cactus
  15. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    updating/resetting the server will make it popular for sure!!!!!
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