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May 6th 2019

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by NobleProductions, May 12, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    May 6th 2019

    Network Changes

    - Added 1.14 support (only connections, no 1.14 features yet)
    - Moved to new frontend provider (this should fix the kicking issue that's been reported)
    - Moved voting to a new robust system that should be a lot more reliable than the old system
    - Moved /server to now use the server GUI
    - Removed OP Factions from the server GUI
    - Queued votes will now only be retained for 3 days
    - Removed "Easter" from unscramble
    - Fixed 1.8 clients being kicked on non-1.8 server periodically
    - Added !report as an alias for !pr
    - Added more emotes to use in #bot-commands (!poke, !L, !hug, !slap)
    - Restructured channels to have all channels on one topic in one area
    - Renamed and repurposed a lot of existing channels
    - Implemented new rule set
    - Removed AFK Channel
    - Set up per-server channels
    - Added IdleMiner
    - Added MEE6

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Fixed /nv not working
    - Added enderpearls to tournament kit
    - Added glow on the server NPCs (will only be visible to 1.9+ clients)
    - Added ecraft trades for Upgrade Crystals and Upgrade Gems
    - Removed messages related to 1.13 not being supported
    - Added /casino, with new gambling games: Crash, Roulette, Rock Paper Scissors, and a revamped Coin Flip
    - Updated crates setup to all be contained within a master crate at spawn
    - Added block particles
    - Changed some wording in the crates GUI to better explain virtual keys
    - Removed messages related to 1.13 not being supported
    - Fixed an issue with points rewards not giving keys on redemption
    - Lowered Blaze mobcoin chance to 0.1%
    - Added 0.3% mobcoin chance to cave spiders
    - Added 20% mobcoin chance to spiders
    - Updated Blaze and Cave Spider mobcoin chance to 3.5%
    - /back will now take you to your previously-teleported location
    - Fixed an issue with /kms where it'd break your chat after running the command
    - Fixed an issue with claimblocks from Vote Crates giving incorrect amounts

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019

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