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March 4th 2019

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    March 4th 2019

    Network Changes

    - Ignoring a player now also removes their join message from your chat
    - Added a description for #events
    - Added an extra question to the Punishment Appeal form for more information about the player's ban
    - Added information about alt limits and restrictions to the Skyblock rules page

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Added faction name to player suffixes in tablist
    - Moved "Just Reset!" hologram to Skyblock NPC
    OP Factions
    - Added faction name to player suffixes in tablist
    - Tablist will now update every 60 seconds to refresh any changes
    - Disabled renaming of magma cream
    - Added Season counter to scoreboard title
    - Fixed an error that would cause potion effects to be removed during combat
    - Removed some parts of spawn that were extending into the warzone
    - Fixed a slight spawner miscalculation with F Top
    - Optimized F Top calculation times to be a little faster
    - Added "recommended game version" to the welcome hologram
    - Fixed the staff crate not giving some of the items
    - Changed default island protection range to 50 from 100
    - Added increased island range sizes for certain in-game ranks
    - /fps is now a default command
    - Added several parkours
    - Added Mob Arena
    - Added warp gui (/warp)
    - Added spawn NPCs
    - Changed frequency of automatic broadcasts from 3 minutes to 7
    - Changed frequency of maths games from 4 minutes to 9
    - Changed all clickable items to be sunflower heads
    - Added fishing rod shop to /warp lake
    - Disabled spawning of the kraken in the fishing lake
    - Symbols will now show after your username on tab and above your head
    - Fixed balance not showing up on scoreboard
    - Fixed an issue where max mob health was 2048 in MobArena
    - Added 3 seconds to the clearlag count down

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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