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Lag ruining the server/glitches on the server

Discussion in 'Drugwars Discussion' started by tyty1902, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. tyty1902


    Ok I am pushing so hard for this to get fixed because I want to see the server strive. Everyday I have got on and seen the server booming and getting more members and new members joining. Then all of a sudden the server is unplayable with very high latency. The button delay from clicking to get into chest can be 10 seconds and do not even try to get something out of the chest because it is almost impossible.

    Ok now for the second part the glitches what I have found is that when you leave stacked entities and come back no matter how many are there it will only give you one. for example when I am harvesting get a full inventor and go to the drugstore and come back I will have stacks of 100 seeds and 60 wheat and only receive one wheat and one seed from those stacks. The other problem is now with spawners and mobs stacking so they do not die when they fall there for we can not collect the drops when we get back on. Both of these just started to happen last night.
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