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Discussion in 'KitPvP Discussion' started by Henaliest, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Henaliest


    please add something in chat that says you killed 'x'
    so we actually know when we've killed someone

    remove the time where people's models just chill after you kill them so you can know you've actually killed them in a reasonable amount of time

    make scout f2p lik least map

    vote rewards broken
    vote party rewards broken
    ks crate broken

    duels wagering broken

    did you disable AC? Bhoppers all bypassing, kids flying, 5 block reach

    vape v2 3.7 is aOk for some reason, used to be a ban

    kb is a floaty as a floaty shit
  2. loopey


    You admit to cheating so often yet you never actually get banned
  3. nedthefed

    nedthefed Staff Member Upper Manager Staff Manager

    All crate keys are given virtually, if it says you've received one you should just be able to click the crate & open them.
    Duels wagering is purposefully disabled because players could log in, do an easy achievement for some good money, and send it to their main.
    I'm probably gonna add some more kits over the next couple days, I'll swap Scout into the Default category.

    The rest is @Rasturize
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  4. Rasturize

    Rasturize Staff Member Upper Manager BART ELI SAM

    Should be fixed for tomorrow morning.

    99% of people seem to like it.

    Will see if I can.

    Added hours ago.

    It's disabled.
  5. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    nerf knight
  6. voicechat


    ngl the kb isnt really good. you guys are trying to get a practice kb but you are not a practice server. the kb doesn't work with the kits and it's completly unbalanced. like i'm sure the kb would be fucking great with speed 2 and full diamond with pots so you can actually have real fights but without speed on the kits it's just not working ( at least in my pov ) there's no hate intended and i'm thankful that you guys are taking care of kits.

    the map is great l o l
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  7. Henaliest


    Thank you!!

    Knight is >3 hits better over every other kit, please rebalance this

    Thanks for work so far, however I’ll continue my KB dispute. If I am sprint jumping north, and someone hits me from east or west, I get thrown almost 10 blocks. Please try to fix this, it’s recreateable quite easily, and message me if you can’t.
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    perks are broken, just wasted 3.7k

    please refund this connor

    so the issue was i bought it then it said i hadnt bought the perk, this is replecateable
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