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KitPvP ideas/Extra

Discussion in 'KitPvP Discussion' started by Cupi, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Cupi


    So I have 2 ideas that can be added to KitPvP.

    1. Exploder: You have a creeper egg and if you right click it, you get 5 sec slowness but when it ends, you explode like TNT to everyone around you. You have a second ability called landmine which looks like a pressure plate but if you place it anywhere, anybody who steps on it will explode like TNT.

    2. Wool: You have a white wool in your hotbar which if you right click, will form a 5x5 wall right in front of you. You also get a red wool ability and if its right clicked, you will instantly tower up 10 blocks into the air.

    Also, I think archer bows should have Power 1 and Punch (And infinity), snowman should get a snowball every 4 seconds but start with 32 snowballs.
  2. Henaliest


    cool, use

    power 1 is also far too strong for enemies in reg iron, and infinity makes it broken as shit to camp with
  3. Jwip


    I like this!
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  4. cooldemigod


    I like the idea for the exploder class but the wool may pose a problem just because the wool wouldn't be client side which could cause lag for the server and sometimes wool blocks may not disappear etc. The towering up may also allow people in places on the map they shouldn't get too.

    The exploder I think is a great idea, just not the pressure plate as like I said before it could cause issues.

    I agree with what Hen said about the bows but snowmen should get infinite snowballs
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