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Skyblock Keyall

Discussion in 'Events' started by Yho_, Oct 4, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 10-06-19
  1. Yho_

    Yho_ Staff Member Mod ELI

    Heya dear people of the realms!
    This Sunday (6th October, 2019) I'll do a keyall on Skyblock at 1pm EDT.
    At a Keyall, your Goal is to receive a Key (passively) and spend it with the command /crates .
    Hope to see you pals there~

    Key Info :
    What : Keyall
    When : 1pm EDT, 6th October, 2019
    Additional timezones : 10am PDT, 12pm CDT, 5pm UTC, 6pm BST, 3am AEST (Monday)

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