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Island Competitions

Discussion in 'Skyblock Discussion' started by R_Turnbull, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. R_Turnbull


    It would be nice if a schedule was posted as to when events like this are going to happen... less than a weeks notices is very much not cool. If you are having more than one judging just before reset it would be nice to hold them on a regular schedule like the 1st Sunday of Each month and have a form we can fill out ONCE to be added to a list of islands to be judged. I find it real fishy that I tell people Saturday I will be off line until Friday and then this 'competition' happens we can sign up for from Sunday to Thursday... looks real fishy, could be a coincident, a regular scheduled events list would prevent Really Fishy Events.
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  2. Samsy

    Samsy Staff Member Jr. Mod SAM

    Our intention when having these competitions is not to catch people off guard, but instead to just have fun. Pretty much all of our events are planned in a weeks notice, so if you believe our intentions were to try to avoid including you that is not true. However, I will suggest that we have a more proper schedule for the island hosting events because I do believe that this event requires more time to prepare for. I am sorry that you could not participate in this event, but there will be more events to attend in the future!
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  3. R_Turnbull


    So is there a list of the finishing order of this competition? And what where the island judged on?
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  4. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Admin BART ELI

    As one of the leaders of the event team and one of the people who judged islands, I do agree that we do have room for improvement with events like these. As @Samsy said, most of our events are planned with 2-7 days' notice, and this was no different for the island competition from this past Friday. However, I do agree with you that it may be better for us to give more warning and to specify the criteria on which the islands will be judged. As for the results, I've just edited the original event post with the results, but I'll post them below as well:

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