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hear me out.

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by NotOkay, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. NotOkay

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    hear me out.

    Neme was once a great network, what the fuck has happened? understanding Noble has his own bigger priorities now, but that’s not an excuse for the downfall??????? It’s never too late to bring back old skyblock and revive the player base, just saying. it had a dedicated set of players, and y’all just threw that shit right into the garbage.

    delete my thread branny, go for it. you do you boss, but just know i’m speaking facts.
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  2. LoriOnMonday



    also can y’all just like try to revive kitpvp, ty.

    hi branny btw
  3. BritishBear


    hi lori btw
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  4. voicechat


    had to hop on for this one. bring back 2017 kitpvp back and we'd be happy
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  5. cooldemigod


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  6. LoriOnMonday


    hi qt
  7. Muggogo


    2017 kitpvp, maybe factions back, an actual effort to bring skyblock back, it had a good playerbase and dedicated players, wtf happened to this server
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  8. Draco_Dark_Shift


    No cap avery spitting them facts
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  9. ImPredatorial


    Zayum. I've never seen so many facts in one place. Its a shame no one will ever act on them though.
  10. ColoColoMan


    only facts in this thread
  11. Goldonen


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  12. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    Apparently, this thread skipped me previously. I am going to say things about what has been said in this thread:

    1: I along with everyone else have not given up on the network as mentioned many times, although some may be too busy at the moment, resets/updates will come at some point. I wish I could give you more but at the minute there is not much to say other than what's been said before.

    2: As mentioned in Discord, we want to bring back some of the old stuff including the map to KitPvP, but this is not something that can be done overnight, nor is it something we can just throw everything from 2017 KitPvP onto our current. It would take time and a lot of fixing, updating and balancing.

    3: We have plans to reset Skyblock to 1.16, which was mentioned previously this year, unfortunately, this has not been done yet, but as promised we did reset Survival to 1.16. I along with a lot of you want this to be done quickly along with other things.

    4: To be clear: I cannot hire anyone for Neme or make others hire someone. Bringing someone back would not mean it would fix everything instantly, that would take time too.

    Lastly, I have no way to reset any servers along with any staff below me, instead, we all try our hardest to do what we can, I work on events and work with the Community, sadly I cannot do much more than that right now. If I could do any more I would but again it's not in my hands.

    I can't say anything will be done in any time frame because I simply do not know, all I and you can do is wait until the reset/update day comes.
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  13. ColoColoMan


    This does seem to be one of the main issues right now, a lot of people are waiting for resets what it seem like, and the staff that can do that are busy doing other things. I know you're Community Manager but it would be so much better if you as a manager could do it (as I said you're a community manager and normally wouldn't do such things) but with the current state it feels like these servers are getting neglected like all the other servers did before they shut down.
  14. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    I agree, resets and updates are needed but I do not have the ability to do the work that would be needed, I am inexperienced with code and know no java. I also have no experience in resetting servers which means I would need to learn a lot which would take a long time.

    If I could do it, I would.

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