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Halloween Events weekend

Discussion in 'Events' started by branny00, Oct 22, 2020.

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    Hey everyone! We know you guys cannot do much this Halloween so we at the NemeGaming staff team have been working hard on things for you guys to do over the Halloween weekend.

    We will be doing a full weekend of events (Friday-Sunday) but along side this we are hosting 2 new events which have not been seen on Neme before. These are Mystery Mansion and Trick Or Treat. Read below to find out what each of these events are.

    Below are what events we are doing and what time:

    Friday 30th October:

    Spleef (Survival):
    3pm ET/7pm GMT
    Boat Race (Ultra): 4pm ET/8pm GMT
    Sumo (KitPvP): 5pm ET/9pm GMT
    Drop Party (Prison): 6pm ET/10pm GMT
    Dropper (Survival): 7pm ET/11pm GMT

    Saturday 31st October:

    Trick Or Treat (Survival):
    Runs all day starting at midnight GMT/8pm ET 31st October - midnight GMT/8pm ET 1st November
    Sumo (KitPvP): 5pm ET/9pm GMT
    Drop Party (Red): 6pm ET/10pm GMT
    Mystery Mansion (Survival): 7pm ET/11pm GMT
    Karaoke (Discord): 8pm ET/Midnight GMT

    Sunday 1st November:

    Mining Tournament (Prison):
    2pm ET/7pm GMT
    Drop Party (Survival): 3pm ET/8pm GMT
    1v1 tournament (KitPvP): 4pm ET/9pm GMT
    Keyall (Ultra): 5pm ET/10pm GMT
    Halloween Build Competition (Survival): 6pm ET/11pm GMT

    Below are explanations and rules of some of the events.

    Mystery Mansion is 1 of our new events for Halloween, the event is based on the board game called Cluedo/Clue. You have to solve a murder case by finding out who killed the person, which weapon they used and which room they did it in.

    You will have to work your way through the mansion in order to find all the clues.

    To find out who murdered the person their skull will not be in the mansion.

    To find out which weapon they used you will need to look for an item frame with the weapon in.

    To find out which room it was in you will have to find all the skulls with a letter and work out what room it spells out.

    First person to guess the correct answer wins.

    Trick or treat is our second new event for Halloween, as most you guys are not able to do real Trick or Treating this year we decided to do it here on Neme.

    It will run for a full day and you have to work your way around the many staff houses and shops in order to get rewards, however not all of the rewards are good. You will only get a reward from the NPC's once. We hope you enjoy all of the rewards you get.

    We do not usually do build competitions but this time we decided to make it more fun we will host a Halloween build competition.

    In order to enter please fill in the Google form here.

    You have from when this post was posted to the time of the judging (6pm ET Sunday 1st November) to build something for Halloween, what you build is entirely up to you but it has to be related to Halloween. Staff will judge your builds and decide a winner.

    The winner will receive a gift card for the Survival store.

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