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FuriousPvP comeback

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by Brobobot, Aug 3, 2019.

Bring back Furious?

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  1. Brobobot


    Greetings lads,
    Just thought I would pop on here a give my opinion on a potential comeback for FuriousPvP.
    As you know minecraft is becoming much more popular as of late for a couple of reasons. First one is the nostalgia factor, tons of kids or teens grew up playing FuriousPvP and now thats its been a few years most of them would enjoy playing the same thing they grew up playing. The other reason is essentially due to the same reason but obviously Pewdiepie kind of brought the game back in a way, although thats still due to nostalgia. Anyways, just thought I'd take a couple minutes to come on here and give you my opinion. I think the current owner of the server should bring back Furious, maybe one of the first maps as to appeal to the old crowd. If you still have access to that map. I reckon you would get quite a few people on the server if you chose to do this. And I'll be honest it would for sure be more popular than your drug wars thing. Anyhoo. cheers lads,
    have a great day.
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  2. cooldemigod


    OMFG seriously can we stop having these threads like every week. It's not coming back! Drugwars isn't the only factions gamemode on neme, read all about OP Factions in the opfactions section.
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  3. Brobobot


    pfft nobody cares about OP factions pal, this is just a opinion. relax.
  4. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    not happening
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  5. Henaliest


    genuinely stop talking furious has been down years and all relations of it to the network have been scrubbed clean, apart from bacteria like you..
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  6. Nyaan


    Ok let's be real here. All the people who played Furious went to other servers like with more vanilla feeling Factions. Neme had a unique OP Factions community it's currently trying to bring back. I would rather have Furious back than Drugwars but there's priorities. I'm surprised Drugwars hasn't been shutdown as it's not worth the effort because people hardly have ever played it and that's always been the case. I can sympathize with missing your favorite server and community but it seems Neme is catering to the veterans on this one, or possibly what would make them the most money. Don't quote me on this because I'm pretty sure Skyblock was super profitable but OP Factions made them a metric fuckton of money.
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  7. Brobobot


    I appreciate the reasonable response, cheers to you sir.
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