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Floor clearing

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by Sue_R, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Sue_R

    Sue_R Insight Team

    I know it was done for lagg but because hoppers so slow we loose a ton of stuff from farms everytime a clear happens. not complaining just saying, not same as being on floor on skyblock
  2. Grimlkin

    Grimlkin Staff Member Community Manager ISAAC ELI SAM

    Either drops can get cleared sometimes or massive amounts of cactus drops can lag the server to the point where it may crash. That's why we added this.
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  3. Sue_R

    Sue_R Insight Team

    yeah i know like i said i understand why was done. just i was here last year and there was massive farms .. and i mean niclas farm was a legend and lagg only at end of yeah we only 2 months in
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