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February 2020

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    February 2020

    Network Changes

    - Non-staff will no longer be able to gmsg staff if they're vanished (/find hideme)
    - If a staff member is vanished and sends a gmsg to a non-staff, the server the vanished staff member is on will be hidden
    - Mod+ can now teleport into mob arenas in vanish
    - Removed Drugwars role and channel
    - Added #art for people to post things they've drawn
    - Removed the beta voice channel
    - Removed Drugwars and OP Factions from the staff application
    - Votes of Feature Suggestion posts are now also considered with the decision to implement the feature or not

    Server-Specific Changes

    - Disabled being able to take damage
    - Added /ru as an alias for /rankup
    - Added /rankinfo which shows what you get with donator ranks
    - Added /prestigeprice (#) which shows how much that prestige costs from A-Z
    - Added and set up /itemfilter to match Prison's items
    - Added /maxprestige which allows you to rankup and prestige until you run out of money with 1 command
    - Fixed a issue where when you click on a rank in /rankinfo it wouldn't show a kit
    - Temporarily disabled the Dodge skill for Acrobatics
    - Added all ore blocks, iron pickaxe, gold nugget, stick, and glass bottle to /itemfilter
    - Lowered the minimum amount of players required to start MobArena from 2 to 1
    - Lowered item fountain cooldown from 10 to 3 seconds
    - Added a rule to /srules that it's not allowed to restart your island and use multiple accounts to far dirt
    - Fixed a broken BigOre fountain in the Event drop Party
    - Removed fishing levels from rankup requirements
    - /block will now include melon slices to melon blocks
    - Reset the server!
    - All players now have white chat as default
    - Toggling Mob Coin messages works again
    - Anvils at /warp enchant are now invincible
    - Fixed point rewards not issuing rewards
    - Fixed the bedrockextras redeemable from the exquisite drop party not working
    - Changed OpRodMk2 price from 225 to 125
    - Added /togglemc as an alias to /togglemobcoins
    - Changed sell price of beetroot soup to 4 for $213 and Mushroom stew to 4 for $50
    - Changed the MobArena bosses to match the current Admin+ team
    - You'll now be teleported to /warp zoo (rather than spawn) if you enter a spawner area that you don't have access to
    - Fixed the OpRodMk3 price being incorrect
    - Fixed players not having access to /blacksmith and /tinker
    - Changed the amount of diamond blocks required to craft an empty spawner from 192 to 48
    - Thawed the lake
    - Re-added /drops
    - Re-enabled /rankinfo
    - Fixed any possibility to block glitch to illegal places in /warp pvp
    - Fixed /blowkiss not working as intended
    - Fixed Sapphire crate giving out the 2x pig spawners instead of skeleton
    - Gave Redstone rank the permission for /jump
    - Reinstated the 30 second timer on the Mob Arena
    - Fixed an issue with /shop where there were no blocks in the bulk buy/sell menus
    - Challenges no longer reset when you leave or reset an island
    - Fixed an error that would result in Luck of the Sea enchantments not being changed with /upgrade
    - Fixed multiples of item fountains not being given from crates
    - Added a $0.01 sell value for sand and red sand
    - Fixed a structure issue with playtime that would not save your playtime correctly, thus resulting in either your playtime appearing to have reset (the data is still there), or not increasing as it should

    NOTE: Changes here may not be active until the reboot after they are made.
    As always, expect more changes to be made as the week progresses.
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