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Pending Feature Request - Update / More Attention

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by RickeyWithAE, Nov 3, 2019.

Should this feature be implemented

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  1. RickeyWithAE

    New Member

    Feature's title/name?
    Update / More Attention

    Where should this be implemented?
    OP Prison

    Describe the feature?
    More ways in which players can access features like more prestige kits, prestige mines, if not maybe possible a mine for donators such as I've been told that Sapphire rank has their own rank mine.

    Why should we add this feature?
    I believe prison servers has been in due for a "makeover", and with generally no people on it I think it proves my point. Prison server I think lacks a bit of rounding about the edges as the players who find themselves at /baltop and higher prestiges are all high donors who had access to buying things that will boost their prestige such as /sorry. I think that should be removed in addition to this update and just keep /sorry for new players as a way to show gratitude for them joining the server? If no donor mine is possible, then maybe remove extra features Sapphire gets as it's still a unfair advantage to those who can't do a monthly fee so that players with or without donor ranks can stand at a equal playing point. If there is a decision to allow more donor perks with donor mines and such I'd be glad to design any ideas possible for help and also design more prestige related bonuses to give those without a rank just a bit of a edge on those who rely on their donor ranks for all of the items and such they have. I believe the feature is much needed and can possibly provide more ways for the average player who just wants to enjoy the server without having to pay for items to get anywhere for mining and such. Average players I feel would find much enjoyment as well as a fresh start is always adventurous and really shows the capability of those who hadn't seen the light of day due to players who quit having those top spots on ranks and stuff.
  2. NinoTheDino

    NinoTheDino Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI

    Hey there!
    First, removing feature from higher donor ranks is probably not going to happen. What is a good idea though, is balancing out the perks a lower or non-donator can get with the higher perks. We'd like to make this possible, thus your suggestion will be reviewed and considered by our staff team. I will get back with more information at a later date regarding the progress. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to ask here and I will be happy to assist. :-D

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