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In Progress Feature Request - IRL trade Cancel

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by C4k3kat21_, Feb 9, 2019.

Should this feature be implemented

Poll closed Feb 23, 2019.
  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. No

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  3. Unsure

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  1. C4k3kat21_


    Feature's title/name?
    IRL trade Cancel

    Where should this be implemented?

    Describe the feature?
    What I suggest is a /irltrade cancel feature. When peop,e do IRL trades with /irltrade, sometimes, the buyer will bail on the deal. Then you have to wait 6 hours to get your things back. I think, if the receiver does the command, a GUI should pop up on the buyer's screen. It should have 2 options. 1. I am going to buy this item. 2. I am not going to buy this item. If they pick number 1 but still don't buy it within an hour, the items shall be returned to the receiver. If the buyer picks the second option, the items shall instantly be returned to the receiver.

    Why should we add this feature?
    This feature would be very useful to frequent traders who will occasionally get bailed on. it would mean they can try to trade with another player or buy expensive items (Such as Monthly crates) from the auction house.
  2. Talcs


    Your suggestion will be reviewed and considered by our staff team. I will get back with more information at a later date regarding the progress. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to ask here and I will be happy to assist.
  3. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    After consideration from our staff team, we have decided to move forward with your suggestion. Your suggestion will be placed in a further positioning, but is still awaiting management approval. This does not mean that your suggestion will be implemented for sure, simply that it has passed through the first stage. We thank you for your patience, if you have any further questions feels free to ask here.
  4. C4k3kat21_


    Hey, just to ask, has this feature been reviewed by management yet? If so, what did they think?
  5. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    As I am on leave for a few days I will get someone else to check for you.

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