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In Progress Feature Request - Herbalism "Green Thumb / Auto Replant"

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by God_Niclas, Mar 8, 2020.

Should this feature be implemented

Poll closed Mar 22, 2020.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Unsure

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  1. God_Niclas

    God_Niclas Staff Member Jr. Mod

    Feature's title/name?
    Herbalism "Green Thumb / Auto Replant"

    Where should this be implemented?

    Describe the feature?
    Under Herbalism, there is a skill called Green Thumb
    The skill is basically automatically replanting stuff
    It works like this:
    The Higher the level you have in herbalism the Higher the chance you have of it replanting the crop

    Why should we add this feature?
    The thing I want changed is; normally at level 1500+, the crops have a 100% chance of replanting.
    But currently, it has a maximum 1 % cap
    I want it changed back to the normal 100 %
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  2. Neenno

    Neenno Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI

    hey there!

    Your suggestion will be reviewed and considered by our staff team. I will get back with more information at a later date regarding the progress. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to ask here and I will be happy to assist.
  3. wingtale

    wingtale Staff Member Mod ISAAC

    After consideration from our staff team, we have decided to move forward with your suggestion. Your suggestion will be placed in a further positioning, but is still awaiting management approval. This does not mean that your suggestion will be implemented for sure, simply that it has passed through the first stage. We thank you for your patience, if you have any further questions feel free to ask here.

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