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In Progress Feature Request - Collection Chaos

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by Ath108, Jul 9, 2019.

Should this feature be implemented

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  1. Ath108


    Feature's title/name?
    Collection Chaos

    Where should this be implemented?
    Unsure, Website

    Describe the feature?
    This is actually a suggestion to add a completely new server to Neme for those of its players who fight for the irl price money.the new server will be a short timed event like zone for the new server will be a short timed event like zone for players who consistently fight for the price. with the start of every month a particular vanilla world with basic plugins like those in survival will be started off with such players. the main objective of the players will be to gather more and more pf valuable blocks and items into their respective plots (plots similar to those in prison and creative) the better the block the more the worth of the plot. It is to be noted that no ordinary block is counted in the worth. for example only the rare or actually valuable blocks and items like minerals or their blocks, end items, nether items,rare drops of few mobs, etc are to be counted.the highest worth plot gets the prize. alternatively side prizes can be included as to whose plot might not be worth much but it is well built and decorated. to make the game challenging no ranks, donor perks and any other service that gives tools for the work will be present on this server. the players will be starting from scratch and they will have to pre register on the forums to enter this server in order to keep a single flow of the competiton.

    Why should we add this feature?
    This server suggestion was a result of the removal of the competition aspect from Ultra skyblock. Adding this server will give the professional and earning Neme players a perfect platform to show what they are made of and to prove that they deserve the prize they have won at the end of the server's time. Adding this server will also prove helpful to remove all the stress of getting "the highest bal" or "the highest is lvl" and many other things from almost all the servers, bringing back even more of a fun and casual theme to these servers. Thank you for reading.
  2. haeee

    haeee Staff Member Admin ISAAC ELI SAM


    Fortunately our Management team is already cooking up a new server that will be similar to this, which compliments your suggestion. *wink_wonk*

    In our recent Skyblock Resest post, it was stated,

    Thus your suggestion is already being given consideration. If you have any further questions/suggestions relating to this, then feel free to talk to me about it and I will be glad to help. :)
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  3. Ath108


    To add a few more words to the suggestion, I think that the world from which the players will be gathering their items and blocks from (usually called the wilderness) will have pvp enabled. So basically the wilderness will be just like any other single player minecraft world,but with people and basic plugins, that is to say, a very hardcore area for players to survive.Thank you for reading.

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