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Drugwars Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner


    Drugwars will be reset on Saturday, January 26th @ 3PM EST
    Live server will be brought down at 12PM EST on the same day
    Server version: 1.12.2 (1.8 - 1.13.2 supported)
    Data that will not be transferred:

    • Inventories
    • Ender Chests
    • Player Vaults
    • All worlds and builds
    • MCMMO levels
    • In-game currency
    • In-game ranks
    • All factions data
    Data that will be transferred:
    • Paid donor ranks
    • Paid donor commands
    Packages purchased prior to release will be re-run shortly after release
    Anything purchased within 2 weeks of this announcement will be re-run
    Drugwars has received a complete overhaul by the team to provide the best possible experience. By taking the extra time to work on this reset, our hope is that Drugwars can foster its own position on NemeGaming again and truly succeed. A lot of much-needed work has been done to the foundations of the server that haven't properly been touched in a good amount of years. This reset will bring it in line with Skyblock Ultra in terms of the systems behind it.
    While we have taken our time to ensure we can create a reliable and fun experience, our motif has remained the same; keep it simple. While we'll look into expanding on what's already on offer down the line, we needed to make sure the underlying systems we were putting in place would allow such expansion without the need to completely change everything each time. For example, Drugwars is now the second server to use our brand new item redemption system which allows for easier implementation of clickable items (kits, ranks, tag packs etc).
    Briefly mentioned above, tags are small symbols that show before your name (in this case, before your faction too) and can be unlocked for a variety of reasons, whether that's for being in the top faction at the end of the reset, or buying a certain crate. They're a small cosmetic that have been loved across the network since their addition, so they'll be making their debut this reset.
    Introduced on Survival and later added to Skyblock, staff items are being introduced to Drugwars with this reset. They're a variety of different items that can be useful in multiple situations, whether that be a pair of diamond boots just to look good, or a pair of extremely powerful shears. They can range from the goofy to the very useful depending on the items you receive. Staff items can be received from the Staff Item crate, which can be obtained from vote crates.
    As with both Skyblock and OP Factions respectively, we've been revamping the stores of the servers we reset. This includes changing up our pricing structure to be consistent across all of our servers, as before, the prices were wildly inconsistent depending on the store you visited. This revamp aims to combat that, while also giving us the chance to fix up any outdated packages we may have on there while also being able to add in some new packages.

    This reset, we've added some new commands that have been requested for quite some time:
    • /bone (allows you to convert bones in your inventory to bonemeal)
    • /smelt (allows you to smelt the item you're currently holding)
    As mentioned above, we've made changes to the pricing structure of the store to be in line with the changes we've made to both Skyblock and OP Factions so far. Here is the full list of changes:
    Part of the way through the current season, we run into some major issues with our factions levelling system which caused some major instability and reliability in Drugwars which resulted in us having to remove it, and thus leaving us without any form of factions core that caused us to lose some major functionality, including FTop. This season, we've moved Drugwars over to the same system that's currently used on OP Factions, which has so far proven to be reliable for us to use here too.
    While it was added last season, this new FTop is again the same system as the one used on OP Factions. However, rather than having FTop there just for show, we're going to be rewarding the top factions at the end of the new season with gift cards, just like we do on Skyblock, Prison and OP Factions.

    Payouts for the top factions will be given to the faction leader at the end of the season and can be used to purchase any package on any of our stores across the network. What happens with the value of the gift card is of the discretion of the faction leader. Alt factions will not be considered for FTop.

    Calculation for final FTop will be done after the server is brought down at the end of the season.

    #1 - $100 Gift Card
    #2 - $50 Gift Card
    #3 - $25 Gift Card
    Alongside this reset comes a plethora of minor changes that aim to improve your overall experience on the server.
    • /rankredeem has been moved to the same system as Skyblock (GUI-based)
    • Moved to the same chat system as the rest of the network
    • Hopper speeds now reflect that of Skyblock to help combat hopper-induced lag
    • Titan has been renamed to Elite for consistency
    • Finally added the help system that's used on the rest of the network
    • MCMMO Credits are now GUI-based and no longer have the issues the previous one had
    • Removed the cops from the black market
    • Moved to a traditional spawn with all the necessities within a small walking distance of one-another
    • Removed cooldown from /fix
    • Added mob hoppers
    • Added hopper shop (/hoppers)
    • Added disguises back
    • Added disguises to player ranks
      • Addict - Wolf
      • Smuggler - Mushroom cow
      • Gang Leader - Blaze
      • El Chapo - Slime
      • Snoop Dogg - Polar Bear
    • Added Event crate
    • Added Staff crate
    • Added chat unscramble game (10 player needed online to run)
    • Added /togglerankup (toggles rankup notifications)
    Hope to see you all on the server when it resets!
    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
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  2. loopey


    Thanks, very cool Kanye.
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  3. Ax3


    Awesome! Sadly we won ftop within a week and well... They removed it last map and we didn't get any rewards (we didn't expect any but sounds like it might be worth grinding ftop value after all)
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  4. Zvcc


    Best news I’ve heard in a long time, will be good to come back
  5. Beezyy


  6. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    quick, give all of us snoops something !
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  7. Muggogo


    Depends which faction you're talking about. My faction also hit FTop within 1 day . . .

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