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Discord revamp.

Discussion in 'Network Discussions' started by wudderman, May 27, 2018.


Do you feel like a revamp would be beneficial for the community?

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  2. Nope, it won't benefit the community at all

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  1. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    Hey, the Nemegaming Discord sure is neat, isn't it? You get to interact with the community and have endless conversations about your herobrine theories. However, the Nemegaming Discord is rather bland and uncreative- and not in the good, simplistic way.

    Have you ever thought that the Neme Discord needs more stuff? Well, I'm pretty sure everyone who's not pessimistic and has been in the Nemegaming discord for a period of time has had the thought fly through their head as they mindlessly bash away at their keyboard. And, it just so happens that I've been spending quite a lot of time on the Neme discord than I usually would, as a result I've had quite a lot of ideas that would make the Nemegaming Discord a far better place than it already is. So I decided to make this thread in attempts to show that the Nemegaming Discord does matter, why it matters and how easy it is to add these features (it will literally take you an hour at most).


    Levelling, something that almost all Discord servers have nowadays (and for a good reason). Levelling gives users a reason to keep coming back to the Discord, and award those who do. A levelling system can be achieved with ease through the MEE6 bot, as well as the Dyno+ bot. Levelling up messages can be toggled to me PM'd, announced in chat or not even be expressed at all. Levelling could also be a reward for those who keep the Discord alive and populated by giving them exclusive abilities than only certain levelled users can use, as our thanks. Here are some of my ideas:
    Level 1 - DJ
    >Grants access to Dyno+ music actions
    Level 5 - Amateur
    >Grants access to global emotes
    >Coloured name (cyan?)

    Level 10 - Intermediate
    >Grants access to change nick
    Level 20 - Professional
    >Grants access to post images in general
    >Coloured name (yellow?)

    Level 30 - Veteran
    >Coloured name (purple?)
    Level 50 - Godly
    >Coloured name (yellow?)
    (The names aren't too creative, I thought that you'd like to go for a more professional approach)


    One of the big things this Discord is lacking in is the emotes it has to offer. Currently, there's only three- and only two of them are even deemed convenient in social situations. I suggest we should add the form's reactions as emotes for the Discord server. It won't be anything useful, since they're emotes, but I can guarantee you that it'll make the discord much more fun and professional.


    The Nemegaming Discord currently only has one event, that being karaoke. With Discord, there's a whole range of opportunities for us to take advantage of when hosting and creating events. Maybe have a profile picture event where everyone posts their best profile picture, or maybe a chess tournament event? Something like this would bring the Nemegaming community closer to together than ever before.

    Server categories-
    With a revamp comes new server categories. First and foremost, a "support" category is needed. User's cries for help are often lost in the sea of conversation, and often breaks the flow of conversations. Something like this would be convenient for everyone.
    The idea of one general chat is fine, but I feel like there should be separate discussion channels for those who want to talk serious about the server, like suggesting new things or maybe talking about some raid on factions.


    Discord exclusive roles-
    Since many people use Discord primarily when it comes to Nemegaming rather than the Minecraft server itself, it leaves opportunity for Discord exclusive staff members. These staff members are there to look over the Discord and to check if everyone's behaving. Reason for their addition is so staff members has one less duty on their plate to worry about, allowing them to focus more one what's important.


    Please remember, all this is solely for the community. There is no "need" or "strategic benefit" of doing this, it's just something that I think the community deserves and would make Nemegaming Discord more fun for everyone.


    Won't the roles make everything unorganised?
    Roles won't make users appear separate from the online mass, it'll only grant the user a coloured tag. If you're thinking that it'd make chat look like spur of colours, you really should check out other Discords and realise that this isn't the case whatsoever.

    The whole idea of chat moderators seems quite "iffy", your view?
    I do agree with you on this one, the idea of chat moderators does seem rather "iffy". In my eyes, the whole idea of chat moderators is to let users experience what it's like to have power and for staff members to monitor how they'd use it. In basics, it's a great way to introduce users to the staffing experience and to see if they're really worth taking on the role of a "half mod". If staff feel like a certain staff candidate might be too toxic and abuse their half mod role, they could assign then to chat moderator and see how they handle situations- an believe me, there's a lot of situations on the Nemegaming Discord!

    If you have any questions, please comment them and I'll add and answer them on this thread, thanks!

    Commenting rules-

    -No toxicity. All pointless harassment will be deleted.
    -All criticism has to come with a point. No 'your ideas are shit' or 'bad ideas', please include points and explanations!
    -All attempts to stir up an argument will be deleted.
    -If I miss anything out or something doesn't add up, please tell me!
    -Drifting off topic will be dealt with accordingly.
    -Respect each other's thoughts and opinions!
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  2. Temperr_


    +1. Good motivation. I support this 100%.
  3. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    Haha, super feedback. Arigato gozaimash!
  4. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    Very interesting post, Id love seeing literally everything you suggested
  5. PredatorCookie


    Wow! I never knew you could write... :eek:

    There are some bits and bobs that I disagree with such as Chat Moderators.
    The only reason I don't see the point in Chat Moderators are because Neme already has an abundance of dedicated staff members and seeing how much discord is used nowadays there's not much point to having more people be able to mute.
    Nonetheless, the other points you've made I'm in utter agreement with- discord shouldn't be a place to talk but to express yourself. Emotes and Levelling are great ideas, both used in-game already and have proved to be a widely used and loved feature so I wouldn't hesitate to think they wont be added to discord sooner or later.

    That's my monthly forums post complete :p

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  6. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    You never knew I could write? You should check out my other threads, I spend an average of 30 minutes to three hours on each individual post.

    Thanks for the feedback. I know the whole idea of "Discord Moderators" is rather controversial, but it's more to do with giving the community more power and trust than anything else (in all honesty) :)
  7. PredatorCookie


    If the community wants "more power and trust" then they should apply for a role either it be on the insight team or as a half mod. Anyways, as we all know if they have a query or a suggestion they have in-game, discord and this sexy website to write about them.
    And I'll take a look at those posts in a bit! c:
  8. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    I do see where you're coming from, but making community members become staff is giving more power to staff than the community since the staff team is gaining more numbers. Once a community member becomes staff, they are no longer a regular user so this wouldn't be giving much power to the community. Insight members also hold no punishing power either, their power resides in shaping the server by collecting player feedback. The role of a "Discord Moderator" is to "moderate" the Discord server only, making this role far more obtainable and may even interest some Discord Moderators into applying to become a real Moderator. However, I do worry that some people may abuse their powers as a Discord Moderator if we don't recruit the right people. The last thing I want is the Nemegaming Discord to become a strictly regulated dystopia where the slightest form of toxicity results in a seven day mute.

    Also, though we do have this website for people to query- staff response time is far better on Discord. Most queries are quick and only require a short and simple answer, making Discord most convenient for small questions. However, I do agree that suggestions and complicated questions should be saved for forms.
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    Thanks for the feedback :)
  9. Talcs

    Talcs Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC BART

    Leveling I think is a terrible idea and it should be kept where it's at. I am honestly in favor of more discord games (but thats an ELI thing). Emotes would be pretty nice so +1. The more discord channels idea is a bit iffy with me, I personally don't like It but I could see some good from it. I'm not the biggest fan of the discord staff idea, but it's not terrible.
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  10. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    By the way, why aren't you a fan of the levelling idea? For information gathering sake. Oh, and thanks for the feedback :)
  11. NotOkay

    NotOkay Insight Team

    That could make it look very unorganized and would make the discord even more ugly then it could be.

    How would it make the discord "more fun and professional" from just emotes? Emotes = being professional? come on, this has to be a joke.

    Profile picture changing on discord takes too much time, with there being a delay on how many times you can change it per hour. Chess tournaments would take too long to set up, and Karaoke is the only discord event because it's probably the only event people would care to join since all the funny shit goes down there.

    Neme has enough staff members who are active and online on discord, so this role would be useless. Moderating chat is a staff members duty, so I still see no reason for that.

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  12. VapeAndStrafe


    Seems good to me wudder!:cool::cool:
  13. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    I will lay out my reply using numbers, quoting is rather annoying.

    1) It really wouldn't. I don't really see how it could make it more unorganised unless you think that coloured tags are preserved for staff- which they aren't because we have builders and insight members. I doubt people would get coloured named player's confued with staff since staff has unique prefixes. Also, the ranks won't separate users from the "online category", only their tag colour will change. Furthermore, if you think it'll make the chat look like a swirl of "rainbow puke" chat already talk in the Discord constantly, there's already a wide range of coloured going on in the Discord. We need a way to reward players for being active on Discord, and this is by far the best method of reward.

    2) More fun: using the optimistic emote whenever you post your osu! pp score. A wider range of emotes provide a wider range of ways for user's to express themselves and to reinforce their opinions without words (whole point of emotes)
    More professional: more emotes show that we care for the content in our Discord. It's physical proof that we put the effort into the little things to make the Nemegaming Discord a great experience for everyone.
    Oh, and this is far from a joke my circle clicking friend.

    3) Nope. What I mean by that is we post our best profile pictures into a channel and staff pick the best ones. Chess was just an example, and it really doesn't take that long at all (I've been in many chess discord events before :smart_boi:). There's also many intellects in the Neme discord, so I think we'll have a fine supply of candidates.

    4) Comes with the suggestion, don't really see much point in making one if my word is already out there (plus I'm an insight member, my suggestions goes straight to the managers).

    5) Nope. This role wouldn't be useless since there's more authority in the Discord, I think the word you were looking for was 'unneeded'. And you're correct, there is a "large amount of staff members moderating the discord". But I think you're missing the point here, this is for the community. We're giving the community more trust. It's also a great way to find potential candidates for the Nemegaming staff team (and ways to test if people are worthy by their actions on Discord, which is far safer than giving someone ingame privileges). And correct, moderating is a staff member duty.

    Thanks for the feedback, I hope I've cleared up some of your confusion and queries.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 27, 2018 ---
    thanks for the feedback xoxoxoxox
  14. StirlingFlurr


    I think all of these are neat ideas, but I feel that the name colors could get mixed up with staff ranks and whatnot. Maybe just a colored number by a name? Not multiple colors for each level though.
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
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  15. WhiteThornRose


    @wudderman Nani?! Watashitachi wa don na fuchowana mono mo hitsuyo arimasen. mono anata wa neme o Kaizen suru mottomojuyona koto ni shot en o aterukru hitsuyi ga arimatsu!(what?! Wudder we don't need any randy discord stuff. You must Focus on the most important things that will be improving neme!)
  16. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    A step forward is a step forward my aquatic friend! The Nemegaming Discord plays a huge role in how the server is represented, it's best to polish it up to make sure we're presented in the brightest light. Anyway, I see no problem in this, I honestly don't. I don't get why people wouldn't like to see this stuff, it's all juicy fresh content that I'm sure everyone will enjoy.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 28, 2018 ---
    I doubt people would get coloured named player's confused with staff since staff have unique prefixes.
    Also, if you're thinking that tag colours are reserved for staff, we have builders and insight members. And it's also impossible to add just a coloured number unfortunately.
    Adding multiple colours for each level is vital to make the reward system feel rewarding. What's the point in grinding if all you get is another useless tag?
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  17. BabyPanda



    I’m delighted to read your ideas on a discord revamp and I agree strongly with the majority of them. I disagree with chat moderators just because, there are plenty of staff and they hardly need to interfere anyway. I hope these ideas are forwarded to upper management because, they would be a great addition to our discord server.

    BabyPanda x
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  18. StirlingFlurr


    Just fyi I said "staff and whatnot" meaning that, yes, more than just staff have tags. I understand your viewpoint on the tags thing, thank you for explaining.
  19. wudderman

    wudderman Insight Team

    Thanks for the amazing feedback, it's all appreciated :)
    --- Double Post Merged, May 28, 2018 ---
    The "whatnot" are insignificant and don't really need a Discord role to function, hence why tags aren't reserved for those with privileges- and with tags come colour.
    Though upon first glance the role colour could confuse some users with staff- but that isn't what happens in reality. If you've been in other Discords before, you'll notice that people don't get confused with who and who isn't staff. And here at Nemegaming we have staff prefixes, so the probability of confusing a levelled player with a staff member is practically zero. If you're worried it won't make staff members stand out more, you'll notice that the majority of people who do chat in the Neme Discord have coloured names, so I doubt their significance would get lost in a sea of colours.
  20. StirlingFlurr


    I was just trying to top off the conversation by saying that I understand. No need to go deeper in explanation.

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