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Chunk Collector and Mega Farm rules

Discussion in 'Official Information' started by branny00, Apr 26, 2021.

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    In this post I will be explaining the rules of mega farms and Chunk Collectors in more detail. This is also at /warp tutorial.

    Mega Farms

    This reset we made some changes to rules and one of these changes includes mega farms.

    We are defining a mega farm as a large automated crop farm.

    The rules surrounding mega farms are:

    • If you want to make a large automated crop farm, you are only allowed to designate 4 chunks total to be used for mega farms, and they must be in close range of each other.
      • You may use 1 Chunk Collector per chunk to reduce tax.
      • You may build small automated crop farms outside of this area to collect materials, but they must not be clearly just to bypass the 4 chunk limit.
      • You may build any size of manual farm outside of the 4 chunks.
      • Mob farms are not included in the 4 chunk limit.
    • Alt accounts are still your accounts, you cannot use them to get more than 4 chunks of space.
    • Collecting money from another players mega farm, or having them pay you from their mega farm will result in punishment for both players.
      • You may build mega farms for other users, but you may never collect income from it and the cost must be a one-time flat amount.
    • Hiding Chunk Collectors in range of another player's farm without their explicit consent is not allowed.
    • Tax evasion via selling faster than the cooldown or using more than one Chunk Collector per chunk is not allowed.
    If you exploit more than $10M by breaking these rules, it will result in a ban for duping. If it is less than this it will be a rule 4.

    Chunk Collectors

    A Chunk Collector is an item you place down in a chunk that will collect all mob drops and crops that drop in that chunk.

    Chunk Collectors have a sell degradation, which increases with the more items that go into the Chunk Collector. The highest this degradation will go to is 70%. Once you sell the items in the Chunk Collector it will take the degradation from the total earned.

    Chunk Collectors can be upgraded to collect items in more chunks, starting with 1 chunk and at max upgrade will do a 3x3 area. To upgrade your chunk collector right click it and then click on the barrier, this costs:

    $25,000 for the first upgrade which will collect in a + pattern, collecting in 5 chunks total.

    $50,000 for the last upgrade which will collect in a 3x3 chunk area, collecting in 9 chunks total.

    As mentioned in the mega farm rules above, Chunk Collectors must be used in a mega farm (2x2 chunks or 4 total). It does not need to be used in manual crop farms.

    You can get Chunk Collectors from: Ranking up through /rankup, crates and /buy
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