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Discussion in 'New Player Help' started by XxEnderMoonxX, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. XxEnderMoonxX


    I am having a tough time figuring out how to change my chat color for all the words, can someone please help me?

    I am also having a hard time figuring out how to change the color of my name.
  2. Pyli

    Pyli Staff Member Sr. Mod BART

    do /chatcolor in game, and it will give you a list. use those codes and do /nick <colorcode><Name>
    For an example if you want a red name you would need to do /nick &4EnderMoon
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  3. iPuppyz


    To change your chatcolor for all your words do /chatcolor and, as said above, you will be provided with a list. Then do /chatcolor (whichever &[number] you want to have as your colour) and it will be set.

    To change your nickname I suggest going to this link in order to find the formatting codes / colour codes. Although the list that is provided to you when doing /chatcolor has all the colours, depending on your rank you can also do things such as italic, bold, etc. The link above has all of the codes listed.

    As an example, if you do &bXx&4&lEnderMoon&bxX, it will turn out as XxEnderMoonxX.

    Note: Colour codes (&1, &2, etc) must come before formatting codes (&l, &o, etc).

    Be sure to PM me if you require any further assistance.
  4. XxEnderMoonxX


    Thank you for all the help!!
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