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Can we just be honest?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Nyaan, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Nyaan


    Okay, you don't play minecraft of neme because you have fun. No, do you honestly have fun on this shitty game? No you don't it's not a fun game so why do we play it? The community? Maybe for you, but for me? I'm so glad you asked (idgaf if u didn't keep reading)

    There are some really sad people who play this game. Oh boy! One guy is in warp PvP! Better call my entire fucking faction to gangbang this poor guy that just wants to have a little bit of fun after a long day of work.

    I have to ruin these people. I have to crush their spirits, strip them of their minecraft pride. They must know I am superior to them both in game and in real life and I'm not even remotely trying. Like I'm kind of a fucking big deal not even going to lie.

    TL;DR I play to kill sweats and verbally abuse them on discord. (oh yeah and make friends and connect with communities but I'll leave that shit out)

    eGirls dms are open c; Nyan#0170 we can talk about our feelings and shit (only if u have a fat ass tho)

    dont fucking actually im not interested
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  2. ImDerpiee


    yes I do
  3. Nyaan


    why lie
  4. ImDerpiee


    You are so sure that your viewpoint is the correct one. You need to step back and re-assess what has made you come to this conclusion. I, along with hundreds of other players, have come back to the server reset after reset, and have been happy here.
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    Also, The fact that this thread has been seen by over 100 people and not one has come and agreed with you is a pretty good sign that what you're saying is just plain wrong.
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  5. Nyaan


    If I were so sure it was a valid viewpoint I would've posted it in network discussions.

    It's a satire shitpost meant to bash on sweats and edaters. I don't know why this wasn't clear to you.
  6. Ath108


    Well everyone has their own views on a single situation. Not all people can think the same. In this situation,though, I’m gonna agree with ImDerpiee.

    Btw the answer to the first question is a big fat yes.
  7. Nyaan


    Huh? I think you're missing the point lol

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