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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by MustardHotdogs, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. MustardHotdogs


    Now the fact that anonymous’s thread was locked for him stating the obvious is horrific. The neme management tram only care about selling as much shit then resetting one/two servers (Skyblock and Survival). When i used to play there used to be over hundreds of people on each server and now 5 years later theres only 35 on 1 server.

    All the servers need removal. Everything needs to be reset and changed for the better. Remov or try to revamp the obviously unplayable gamemodes (drugwars) back to how they were 3-5 years ago
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  2. MustardHotdogs


    I do not want rhis thread locked. If any toxicity is caused, you can deal with the person who is causing it.
  3. DrPump


    Peri, we can all obviously see that Neme isn't where it used to be/ we want it. Also if you could, you would see that Management doesn't only care about selling things. They have been working very hard on projects that you will find out about soon. We would love to have hundreds of players on each server. But obviously something went wrong, and that's when you guys (the players) step in and tell us everything, a good sit down with all of your thoughts and ideas would make the most logical sense. But if you just quit playing and then go and complain how are we supposed to fix anything or make it better? The reason this thread was locked, was because as you can see, instead of people explaining they go straight into firing at the network. If that thread wasn't locked even more would happen and it would lead to arguments. It's happened multiple times. I'll point this out again, if you want change, you need to be there prepared, organized and not be toxic towards the server when presenting how you think it would be better. This thread will NOT be locked, but if people again, are being toxic to others, toxic to the server, starting arguments or shit posting. The thread might have to be locked. Sorry that you feel the way you do and coming from me who has been playing this server for years, it's hard to see it where it is. But if you guys stick around and get more involved maybe you'll see how much change will/ can be brought to the network. It also depends on if you guys are willing to let that happen.
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  4. TheShortPerson

    TheShortPerson Staff Member Admin BART ELI

    I can't go into detail with what's planned (that's @NobleProductions's decision if it's anyone's in particular), but there certainly are things planned. It's completely normal for all servers, ours included, as well as the gaming community as a whole, to have less traffic in this part of the year as much of the community has just recently returned to school.

    Ultimately, if you see something that needs changing, say something, don't leave us in the dark unknowing. Hell, I don't care if you message me (TheShortPerson#7395) every small thing that needs changed. I'll see them done, either myself or by others.
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  5. Shellshocker


    combine op fractions and drugwars into one gamemode,
    have kitpvp reset like i think there should be a map rotation like every week more kits more gamemodes? idk really ask the kitpvp people
    bring back the old survival shop ( the 4 way one)
    bring the air drops back (vote flares)
    if possible update the server to 1.15 when it comes out,
    Have the staff be more relaxed
    TRY to have a quicker response time on fourms

    skyblock is perfect

    I think many other people have ideas but are to scared to say what they want or there toxic about it. Honestly i moved on with neme and check the fourms like every other week to see whats happening. but out all of these things the most important is Have the staff be more relaxed some staff are already relaxed but some are just strict as hell
    - Presten (Shellshocker)
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  6. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    they’re two completely different modes. drugwars doesn’t focus on pvp, it’s more of an (idk how to put this) “economy” server, not that competitive.

    not happening, way too much effort that needs to be put in for that

    it’s really not.
  7. CiaoMein


    Skyblock is far from perfect.
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  8. Henaliest


    People don’t get it do they.

    These things worked a few years ago.
    Minecraft has a different climate and people were intrested in different things.
    You are not st the same point in your life as you were 3 years ago. You would enjoy it less now if they brought back the exact same files it was a couple years ago, nostalgia makes it seem better than it was, even if it was great.

    Less game modes are becuase the server is smaller and brings in less money, just think please. It allows better concentration on these things to deliver a better experience. I was an OPFactions player, and I’m not too mad it’s not back yet becuase management have more time to spend working on popular game modes that allows the server to run, not attending to a community who’s demographic doesn’t exist anymore.

    Also, forums response time doesn’t ruin a server, but staff need to be more relaxed and have far less of them rather than 1/4 players. Equally, the demographic for kitpvp just isn’t there, and keeping one populated requires huge investment via advertisement of the server, which neme doesn’t have and I don’t think should.
    There’s 2 decent sized kitpvp servers, invaded, hypixel and maybe munchy.

    Your forum rank is experienced, not your server owner status, so people stop giving your opinion of how to revive a server when you’ve never had one. Listening to the community caused connors departure and factions’ closure, and we need to realise we have to let them get on with it. The constant accepting of feature requests that haven’t even started to be completed don’t help either.
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  9. Shellshocker


    Neme gaming has turned into meme gaming get it because you laugh at memes and i sure as hell do when i think of it. Anyways how you shut off reply notifications
  10. Henaliest


    Don’t get what you’re saying but what you said sure wasn’t a joke and was serious?
  11. Goldonen

    Goldonen Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI SAM

    Good thing Pump asked you guys not to fight in this thread, its meant for the community to give their opinions about the server. Also, everyone is welcome to do so, there are no « wrong » opinions. Plus, @Presten Stop saying stupid shit. Its getting annoying
  12. MustardHotdogs


    Stop making this thread off-topic. Stop fighting on my thread.
  13. Goldonen

    Goldonen Staff Member Sr. Mod BART ELI SAM

    Good job repeating what I said.
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  14. Shellshocker


  15. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    Please keep this on topic.
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  16. Shellshocker


    Op fractions??????
    tell us your plan what's going to happen to it? The longer you wait the more players your going to lose
    Whats going to happen to it?
  17. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Admin ISAAC BART ELI SAM

    This is not something I have the answer to nor can I give you the answer if I had it. Once we have information ready to give you about both servers we will make a post but until then please be patient.
  18. Vienna

    Vienna Insight Team

    I don't know much, but there are many things in the works for Kits at the moment, if you'd like, you can select the kitpvp role in Neme's discord if you want to contribute to suggestions and give feedback on things that are already features of kits, thanks!
  19. Shellshocker


    I'm banned from the discord for telling the staff to fuck off and honestly i don't care about the discord
  20. NotOkay

    Forum Master

    lol. you’re my favorite yellow person, but this is hilarious.

    They say there’s shit in the works, but management leaves both their staff team and insight team (which should be informed of things tbh) on the edge and doesn’t tell them ANYTHING. As someone who was an insight for a long time, it was almost as if management didn’t give a crap about their network. Everyone would pump out suggestions and they’d all either be ignored or be told “it’s being considered” (or something along the lines of that)

    I don’t wish to be banned from the server, discord, or forums for saying that, but the community should know that lol
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