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amendment to the claim removal/reset rule

Discussion in 'Survival Discussion' started by Pat Howe, Mar 8, 2019.

lower time to remove a claim for players with <24 hours ? ?? ?

  1. no dont change it

  2. i dont care

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  3. yes reduce it to 15 days

  4. yes reduce it to 30 days

  5. yes but idk what to reduce it by

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  1. Pat Howe

    Pat Howe

    i don't mind having to wait 60 days for claims to get reset in most cases

    but in a case like this [​IMG]
    the guy hasnt been on in 42 days and has a grand total of 2 hours and 15 minutes player

    dude played like once, claimed something then left and now i have to wait like another 20 days for it

    can we change it so like if you have <24 hours played (even just network wide, not only on survival) the time to wait for your claim to be removable is reduced to like 15 days or something


    here's my build so far guys [​IMG]
  2. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    next time you should fill out a feature suggestion as it is easier for us to make sure it is being looked at. I will be forwarding this to the rest of the staff team and come back to you later on.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  3. Pat Howe

    Pat Howe

    cheeto said to put it here if it's only for survival

    also i hope u mean sam not spam because wtf myzzelf????
  4. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    You can make feature suggestion for a specific server, so that is where you should do it, for future reference.
    Also I meant staff but it was like 2 am and I had 3 braincells left lmao
  5. Redstoneary

    Redstoneary Staff Member Jr. Mod

    Tsk tsk tsk @DespaYEETo2 look what you did.

    wait dont mute me i am good noodle
  6. Myzzelf

    Myzzelf Staff Member Sr. Mod ISAAC ELI SAM

    Hey, our team liked this suggestion and we have decided to move forward with it, for managers to look at. This does not mean it will certainly be implemented though, just that our management team will be considering it. Next time, please do a feature suggestion so it is easier for us to handle.

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