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Let's Talk Competitive Play

Discussion in 'News' started by NobleProductions, May 16, 2020.

  1. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    Hey everyone,

    It's been a while since we had any sort of announcement outside of resets or monthly reviews, but the nature of this post warrants its own announcement as it pertains to the entire network and the future of it going forward, namely in regards to competitive servers. Let's get into it...

    NemeGaming was founded in November 2011, starting as a Factions server and eventually becoming a network that has slowly evolved into what it is today. On the topic of Factions, we'll be discussing that later in this post. Going from solely competitive, to slowly integrating casual servers into the foray, to now being a mix of both, NemeGaming has been on both ends of the spectrum of servers.

    So why are we bringing up parts of the network's history? Well, we understand that competitive servers are where this network started, and we don't deny that they played a huge role in pushing NemeGaming up there to where we were able to add casual servers that eventually took over. Nothing has changed in regards to our intentions to bring Factions back, but it won't be the same Factions it was before. Let me elaborate.

    For context, we've been working with Mojang for the last year on a wide variety of issues we as servers have with the state of the game and other things surrounding the game, such as the commercial usage guidelines (as most would refer to as the EULA). That work culminated in the release of an update to the commercial usage guidelines which allows servers much more freedom than we had before. Outside of the competitive aspects of certain servers, this means we'll be completely compliant with these new guidelines, and we do intend on following them going forward. With that in mind, this does mean that Skyblock in its current form with gift card payouts is not compliant due to the nature of the server and the perks you can get in ranks. Because of this, we'll be discontinuing gift card payouts at the end of the month, which means that the last payout will be done on May 29th, with the server then continuing as-is with the current season.

    Alongside this, we have more major announcements coming out between now and the end of the month which will be extensions of this announcement. On top of this, we'll finally be pushing to advertise the network further from the end of the month, which coincides with the removal of payouts, and also some currently-unannounced projects, but you'll see more of those soon.

    While we understand that this isn't the kind of change a lot of you were expecting, our intention with this is to provide the network with a way forward under the new guidelines and maintain a healthy relationship with Mojang and Microsoft going forward. These changes allow us to provide even more of a balanced experience for everyone, both paying and non-paying people, and we're in favour of these changes.

    This does not mean that we'll be getting rid of all competitive servers, nor does this change the outcome for Factions coming back -- quite the opposite, in fact. In April 2019, we made the decision to close Factions for the foreseeable future due to both the reset being worked on not being close to our standards and then the work ethic behind the server not being where we wanted it to be, so we wanted to keep it down until we were in a better position to provide a much better experience. With the recent addition of @Raj and @TitanicFreak to the leadership team, we're now in a much better position to give the kind of gameplay experience people want to see out of Factions. However, Factions will not be pay to win in any way, shape, or form. Instead, our focus on this server will be to provide an experience where you can gain your weapons, tools, and upgrades through gameplay, putting everyone on a level playing field. We'll have more on this in time when we've gotten through most of our other work.

    KitPvP will also be affected by these changes, and the changes we intend on making to Factions will also make their way to KitPvP too in regards to how you obtain better kits, but we'll yet again have another post on that when the time comes.

    With all that said, we'd like to thank you all for bearing with us, we know it hasn't been the best of times for everyone on the network, and we have heard you. We have a lot planned for the network in the coming months, so we hope you'll stick with us going forward. We're excited for what's to come, so make sure to stay tuned for more updates soon!

    ~ NemeGaming Management ~
    Discord | Twitter
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  2. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

  3. Xestra


    So what about the people who have spent hundreds of dollars on kits and ranks? Are they just going to lose all of the kits and ranks or are you just not going to sell them anymore and allow the people to keep their stuff? If your just going to remove kits and ranks entirely without compensation that seems like a dick move in my opinion.

    I also understand making it non-p2w which is fine and I’m okay with but I would like to know what will happen to the people who paid for ranks and kits.
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  4. NobleProductions

    NobleProductions Staff Member Owner

    As with any perks we remove, we'll provide relevant compensation to those that request it. Either that or provide an alternative. However, we've not shared any details on that yet for Factions, so nothing is set in stone right now.
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  5. DiamondCpt


    --- Double Post Merged, May 16, 2020 ---
    Rip Guarav
  6. ImDerpiee


    Sounds like a good idea. Will staff still get giftcards?
  7. WhiteThornRose


    As long bows get the needs, I am fine.
  8. MustardHotdogs


    With the vast amount of players that have spent over the years (Like myself) If the kits are removed which im pretty sure is stated on the donation store as 'Permanent' then i hope we'll be getting refunds of all our money.
  9. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    Just to point out ( our ToS clearly states we can modify or revoke them at any times.

    However if we remove them then you will be compensated with either something else on the store or a store giftcard.
  10. voicechat


    2017 kitpvp please, ty
  11. MustardHotdogs


    But what would be available for purchase on the store if Kits, etc are removed? The point of EULA is that players arent supposed to pay to win.
  12. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    Have you read the change on the EULA?

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  13. MillerlaageReformed


    Fuck the ranks, all it did was keeping new players away anyway, just make it all cosmetic shit.

    Any idea when the server will come up? 5 months? 1 month?
  14. MustardHotdogs


  15. branny00

    branny00 Staff Member Community Manager Admin ISAAC ELI

    "Never" again have you read the post? We have plans for it to come back up and no where in here does it say "never"
  16. cooldemigod


    As I do agree with taking away p2w aspects to conform to the EULA, I feel like the community needs to be involved in what the replacements would be, because anything you could by whether that be money, ceggs, etc could technically be argued that it doesn't conform to the EULA (one could argue that crate keys could be gambling) A big part of factions (atleast on neme) is about being able to get specific kits and advantages. It not only helps you in game, but it also shows that you like the server enough that you are willing to spend money on it. I do admit that Ranks and Kits could and did shy people away from factions. You log in, drop into pvp and get killed. That's kinda broken yes, but it's not fair to completely blame all of that on kits/ranks. There could have been a cooldown put into place so people don't die right away and quit. Better start equipment, etc

    Another thing is, what is the point of playing factions going to be if we don't have top faction prizes at the end of the season. (I get not having giftcard payouts, that could be an endless cycle of someone winning, spending it to win faster next season, and so on) but what will the payouts look like? Nobody who plays factions really wants to have cosmetics as a payout

    I've always been an advocate for having the items for ranks and kits being available for everyone and paying for it just makes it easier to get. All in all, there have been seasons of factions where it's greatly p2w and some where it's not so much. But a lot of consideration is going to have to go into for example, how easy it is to raid if you dont have ranks to give you tons of obby or money to buy gen buckets, raiding needs to be a lot hard because bases will be a lot smaller.

    Again I'm here advocating for community input on the new features, like yeah, there's gonna be push back and people saying this is dumb, but it's better to put that foot out there and ask and get new ideas then leaving the community out of it entirely. (I believe there was a group DM about this a while back on discord, not sure if you Noble were apart of it but I know Connor and Gavin were. I suggest just creating a new discord server for faction talk/idea, it'll be a lot more easier for discussion than the single 1 channel on the main discord)
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  17. Henaliest


    yeah, if youre going to take a step forward in terms of advertising @NobleProductions , no payouts would be a huge step back.
    Non payout factions servers do not exist, past Saico & Cosmic.
    This servers ONLY work due the fact they have been huge for years. People not even familiar with minecraft know these names. People play as they already have ranks and their renowned status means everyone knows who they are.

    Ive worked with 6 factions servers over the course of this epidemic. Admin+ on each.
    Each server spent >1k on advertising (not much) and got between 20-90 players on launch.

    All of these servers offered payout from the owners, paypal and buycraft, structured at about
    50 PP 75 buycraft #1
    25 pp 50 bc #2
    10 pp 25 bc #3
    25 bc #4

    These servers had thousands of hours of work put into them, literally. Each had custom coded unique features such as a faction core Ender Crystal that gave you certain effects and you stored XP/TNT/money in.

    Others had other stuff, like 7x7 shockwave cane harvester hoes, but my point is that they were all unique. Dozens of factions servers release a month, all in search of the same demographic in spite of offering various angles on the spectrum of Casual - Competitive. The most successful server was the one with the most payout, of 150$ paypal a week to #1. This server also had a team of partners ( and experienced upper management SOLELY there to deal with a Factions server.

    This payout is beginning to get competitive with the market leaders of servers like vanitymc ( and is the only reason people played. Me, my faction (a Tier 2 (we compete for 2nd-3rd vanity) 43 man fac) only play servers for payout. We expect a "starter bundle" of some sort of value of buycraft or ranks to get us to play there, and any confirmed roster is offered this. Running a factions business means that players need to see purchases as an INVESTMENT into an end goal of winning something, or they just wont play. You are in the same boat as any brand new factions server, when releasing a factions server in 2020. The gamemode has progressed from a fun thing that you play with friends solely for enjoyment to something more than that - something people do to earn money. You may call back a portion of your older demographic with memories tinted by nostalgia but it will NOT work out as something more successful than it ever was. You can aim for a casual server but without rules that need an entire google doc (pvplabs, vortexpvp, vanity, mccentral, any server that has a factions server) the whole thing wont work.

    i cant speak for raj and titanic, but your experience Operating a factions server is minimal to say the least, it was connor's job and connor's problem. Even when it was him on the team, the server closed due to the progression of the gamemode. People demanded the things that are now mandatory (f tnt, f chest, outposts, koths, reliable CE system) and this was far too much for him. You dont have anyone on the team ready to make calls about how the rules should look or people to ask about what counts as a breach of them/not, you guys dont have that experience. Sarge was abominabal when he modded/admin'd factions during its dying months and even connor was out of his depth. I truly dont know the solution here, but ill tl;dr my opinions

    #1 - factions wont get players without youtube trailers and partnerships
    #2 - these bring in demographics looking for a factions experience not too dissimilar to what the youtuber has done in the past and what factions has been like for years
    #3 - keeping a competitive server the players you get off whatever advertising you do expect an established, experienced team who know what it is like the play factions and how it should be ran, which you guys frankly dont have. An integral part to what these players will expect is a payout. (supporting this is that the neme 2018 rules literally are a page and are well outdated)
    #4 - you will need 3-5 admins who know what the fuck is going on. whilst nice and all branny will have no clue what is going on. these people will need to help you make the rules (non payout servers still have pages of rules and harsh punishments for violating them). sarge is clueless and hasnt got a clue how factions plays, and your most relevant admin to factions, short, hasnt really kept up to date with the gamemode for a couple of years.

    @NobleProductions please let me know what you have planned for this, be it here or dms

    we had a chat and sorted out my questions here in voice, but still not too clear on how we're going to get people on. we're still a a long way off, and i hope they make it work.
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  18. MustardHotdogs


    Im not going to lie. I completely agree with Henaliest. The only real person who had handled factios in some way was Connor. You're ruining your own server abiding by the EULA.
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  19. Henaliest


    If I’m not mistaken, which I could be, EULA compliance will get them on minecraft bedrock official server lists. This is the largest platform of minecraft, spanning both consoles and mobile and is the largest used PC version of minecraft, and all cross platform. This should be where they get players, but it’ll be the wrong type - the ultra casual.

    If this was the truth, their deliberate ruining of even the idea of facs and their sister networks factions makes way more sense. I’m worried that I’m right here. To us, there’s no logical reason to do this - they just make less money as they can offer less benefits going fully EULA compliant, and people won’t play cause of no payouts. Unless they receive a direct monetary sum from mojang which I doubt they would do, then this might be why.
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  20. tyty1902


    The point of playing is to have fun and hangout when drugwars was in its prime there was never no ftop prize or anything it was just abunch of competitive people getting on and playing.

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