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Discussion in 'OP-Prison Discussion' started by bigttexas, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. bigttexas

    bigttexas New Member

    i still haven't received my plot mine can anyone help me out with this
  2. Notokay

    Notokay Experienced

    I believe you are supposed to message a staff member on either the forums or discord...

    Edit: Correct. [​IMG]
  3. bigttexas

    bigttexas New Member

    i have 2 weeks ago
  4. Notokay

    Notokay Experienced

    Patience is key.
  5. bigttexas

    bigttexas New Member

    yes i know
  6. Adjure

    Adjure Staff Member Mod


    The person who deals with plot mines is @Grandmen123. Whenever he isn't busy he can set up your plotmine but you will need to provide him with your IGN so whenever he is not busy he can do it.

    Kind Regards,
  7. Grandmen123

    Grandmen123 Staff Member Tech

    Sorry! I've been really busy and yesterday I got sick, I'm doing plot mines today so by tonight you should have your mine
  8. NoHacksJustJuice

    NoHacksJustJuice New Member

    i cant connect to the server is it down
  9. Barking

    Barking New Member

    If it was, then it should be back up by now ;)
  10. bigttexas

    bigttexas New Member

    ok my in game name is the same as on here bigttexas
  11. Grandmen123

    Grandmen123 Staff Member Tech

    All mines should now be setup :)
  12. Notokay

    Notokay Experienced

    Since the subject/issue is fixed, should you lock this thread?
  13. bigttexas

    bigttexas New Member

    plz lock and move this i have my plot mine ty
  14. Wolff // Dolor

    Wolff // Dolor New Member

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