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Discussion in 'OP-Prison Discussion' started by Bung_Bung, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Bung_Bung

    Bung_Bung New Member

    I am Bung_Bung and I have lost permission from donor shops for some reason. I am Redstone donor and don't have access to either donor shop. Plz halp thx
  2. Notokay

    Notokay Experienced

    @Jman @Gaurav1234 Could this possibly be a bug? or does this user already have access to the donor shop (/sellall) feature??
  3. Rasturize / Connor

    Rasturize / Connor Staff Member Manager

    I assume you mean donor sell? That is automatically added to your sell price with /sell. Can you elaborate?
  4. Freezinater

    Freezinater New Member

    I'm thinking they may mean the donor tiers that you'd see on /sell, which they now no longer has access to.
  5. Notokay

    Notokay Experienced

    When you sell something with /sell or /sell all (or maybe auto sell too) it automatically sells to the donor shop and gives you more money, that's how you'd notice.
  6. Freezinater

    Freezinater New Member

    Actually, you have to manually pick the tier to sell to with /sell. You get a menu asking you to pick which shop tier to sell to.

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